Friday, August 10, 2012

Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square

During the time when they were schooling, my kids never suggest to go to Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square for our meals... but ever since they left Ipoh for their respective colleges, whenever they come back, they would request to go to the hawkers' stalls in Ipoh Garden here.

at the Gourmet Square...
Below were what we ordered....
crispy fried crayfish (lai liew har)
Ipoh popiah
curry eggplants
one piece of crispy fried chicken
hakka noodles
my plate of rice with deer meat
 Our food... minus the rice not shown...
Andy with his favourite drink..
Ching Poh Leong
My girl and I shared a bowl of ABC...

Another weekend is here... 
So...what are your plans?
I have nothing on yet... 
Anyone coming to IPOH tomorrow?  :)


  1. Not sure if I want to leave the house tomorrow cos everywhere is congested these days (pre-raya mood). Do you have sth in mind?

  2. Is it the place we visited? Next to woolly?

    1. Of course la. they missed ipoh food

    2. Hawker centre is the best place as everyone can hv his or her ow. choice of food to eat lo

  3. Will try to enjoy the good weather here, its very rare we get good weather in Ireland, it's always rain! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Ah!!! Got Hakka noodles too... Hmmm...have to wait for my post on that - coming soon! LOL!!!

  5. Where is the place?
    The popiah looks good....
    I don't like the kong Heng popiah anymore...
    Any good recommendation?

  6. Deer rice, wah~ exotic food. Eat already, sure heaty one :) But I like wildboar / deer meat cooked with black pepper, double heatiness!!

    Sometimes I prefer hawker food to 5-star restaurant.

  7. Hungry hungry now, I must go back for food already after seeing all your food pictures.

  8. yum yum!! and yeah! will only appreciate after we cant get it easily elsewhere!

  9. henry: yeah, that is always the case..

    yan: coming Ipoh?

    yvonne: me too...

    simpleperson: so far, this one in gourmet square is not bad.. a lot of people buying from there..

    kathy: yes, the one we went that night... u havent tried all yet! :)

    kash: oh..over here it is so so so hot!!

    stp: a lot of coming soon.. hahaha...

  10. i would really wanan try those


Thank you, readers!

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