Tuesday, August 7, 2012


After a night of "excitement" watching the live telecast of our Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, my sleep eluded me... I was like "tossing" like a "fried fish" again in bed... (guess I am too old for such intensive games nowadays!)  I couldn't imagine how LCW's mother felt while watching and the aftermath.... such publicity and pressure... wow...

The very next day was a public holiday, thank goodness!  It was a time to "unwind" and to refresh my mind after a night of turmoil watching the Badminton Olympic Finals.  My girl and I went to do some ladies' shopping in AEON Station 18.

BIG SALES going on in Padini and Vincci...50-70% off for 3 days only.... the place was so crowded with people of all ages... and we ended up buying some "unnecessary" stuff home.. to commemorate our Lee Chong Wei's winning the Silver!  (gosh... LCW again!)

For the last couple of posts, I have been "harping" on Lee Chong Wei... though I know him quite well, it is a pity that he does not know me at all..... LOL....

Ok, back to my normal posts... 
here we are in AEON...
Time to "unwind" from the "excitement" the night before...
 some simple Raya decoration...
 GUESS who?
 er.... er....
Had a light refreshment at Mister Donut...

Ok, back to a more interesting subject...
Here is Dato' Lee Chong Wei's homecoming...
In case some of you might want to watch this... 


  1. interesting day u spent with your family.. btw, I do love LCW, no matter win or lose it's important, he done his best for our nation.. i'm proud of him seriously... ^_^

  2. Wah.....got crush on lcw ah? Hehe....
    How abour my look alike park sung hwang??

  3. Wah.....got crush on lcw ah? Hehe....
    How abour my look alike park sung hwang??

  4. Me and wifey was at padini on saturday. The crowd was overwhelming.

  5. Thanks for uploading this touching video clip. CW is our hero, fighting till the end.

  6. june: many of us are... he has earned this recognition from many of us ...

    chris: park soon kwang retired liow??? hehehe... hey, u sure that's his name?

    andrew: yeah, esp queuing up to pay!

    cyn: eh, u dont have? not national holiday?

  7. Looking at what you ate, I can tell that your girl's home for the long weekend. Right?

  8. who knows maybe one day he will drop by your blog and say hi to you. at least now better.. seeing him smiling in the video

  9. pam: yes, hope to see him continue playing till another one outshines him in Malaysia.. but I doubt anyone can replace him.. .

    stp: yes..and now back to normal already.. :(

    lena: oh gosh!!! you really think so?? :))

  10. a grand hero comeback nice nice nice

  11. oh thought you actually went to the welcome our hero back lol. Bourne Legacy review

  12. LCW boleh and he will try again in RIO.. i think he will wait for Lin Dan to retired..

  13. mecoy: he has tried his best.. everyone knows that..

    wenn: one and only one so far in badminton...

    tony: hahaha..i wish i could..

    simpleperson: but Lin Dan also said that he is going too.. hahaha..

  14. He did a great job. He gave Lin Dan a good fight too, he was staying strong until the last minute. Respect.

  15. My girls have been bugging me to buy newspaper every day since Sunday, they are so keen to read all about DLCW. I should let them read your blog.

  16. thristan: everyone has full praises for him...

    yan: hahaha.. even your girls admire him!

  17. hahaha....LCW here and there...but we have a reason to talk about him. It is the hottest topic now in M'sia. haha...

    Went to the Padini sales too..... packed with people...but I did not find anything suitable.

  18. mnhl: few days more and it will fade.. hahaa..


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