Sunday, August 12, 2012

Night Market In Ipoh Garden East

Once in awhile I love to go to the night market (pasar malam) for some food satisfaction... Andy also loves to go.. it has been a long while since he last went to this Ipoh Garden East night market... they have more stalls and food varieties there. How I wish I could take all the pictures of those vendors selling the different types of food...
I bought a pair of slippers from a China lady that night..
my favourite Apom Balik
Pancake with lots of crushed groundnut fillings...

and this fella... always want a ice cream potong whenever we go... 
Reninds me of Andy when he was at this age..
Now Andy is more "body conscious"...
Won't simply "wallop" like those days anymore...


  1. I have not been to pasar malam long time ago. it's going to be fun seeing stuff for sale and bought new things at the pasar malam, sometimes can get good bargain there right?!

  2. agnes: it is normally cheaper than in the shopping malls..and more varieties when it comes to food.. hahaa..

  3. I like the apam balik with lots of crushed peanuts fillings too. I seldom visit night markets cos I don't like crowded places unless necessary.

  4. LOL I like go pasar mlm. ca. gets. Lot of food fruits n vege too.

  5. irene: i go once awhile.. if too often, then i will put on sideways! :)

    kathy: yes, i know u go often.. if u were here, i think we go every week.. hahaa..

  6. Hahhhh!!! Andy will only eat a lot when having dinner at my house, eh? LOL!!! Gosh!!! That boy is getting fatter and fatter. Must get him to exercise!

  7. stp: puberty stage.. sure can wallop.. now most evenings, I ask him to take my dog for walks.. let him run a bit...

  8. It's been so long since I go Pasar Malam....I might just go to one this week now that I read about it...a bit rindu the makan makan session in Pasar should come's much bigger...:)

  9. it had a while for me 2~
    shud go jalan=jalan, Ipoh has the finest pasar malam ^^

  10. i heard night market were really fun especially foods

  11. I like to go pasar malam too, love the food :P


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