Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Wrong Choice Of Food

The very first question when we got into the car is..."What are we going to eat?  Go where?"  We looked at each other and sometimes we drive around aimlessly until we find the spot that attracts us... and last Sunday was no exception.  Eventually we ended up in a coffeeshop along the Airport Road here in IPOH...
chicken curry wrapped with bread..RM28
When I saw the plastic layer inside the bread, I told myself..
No more ordering this next time..
claypot fish.... their signature dish...RM28
(I coloured the fish eye... looks monstrous to me!)
mini french beans, crunchy and fresh.... RM8
Andy was as bewildered as me... 
I think we will not go there for a long time..
The bill came to RM69.30 plus rice and drinks for the 4 of us...
Overpriced and the food was not really that great...
Wrong choice for us, definitely...


  1. I have that chicken wrapped with bread at Seremban. Very nice. You don't like kah? That plate of fench beans looks bland.

  2. Hahaha...kl price. the claypot fish is how punya? Steam?

  3. Seems to be overpriced. Not sure about the taste of that chicken wrap in bread at airport road, but the kampar version is very nice.

  4. i think ipoh doesnt hv many places that serve those kind of bread dishes,why..not nice? of you think the plastic is geli?

  5. they just put the plastic into the bread? and it sounds like the bread is recycled :/

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  6. irene: do they have the plastic layer too? oh, the vege is very nice actually.. sweet...

    kathy: steamed inside the claypot..

    andrew: yeah, i think the original one is nicer.. but if wrapped with plastic, i think i will forgo that..

    lena: the curry is mar mar... yeah, dont like plastic..

    fish: recycled.. hahaa..lagi geli..

    agnes: yeah, i tried..different from Kampar..

  7. Hubby tried the chicken curry wrapped with bread once but he didn't like it. It was quite expensive too, tho' I can't recall how much he paid.

    Sorry u didn't enjoy your meal :< Have a great week, dear!

  8. Once I saw Elin doing her Emperor chicken wrapped in plastic too :p

  9. Aiyo.....that plastic is special one . It is called High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) my answer to Wendy statement of me cooking emperor chicken in plastic....meant to take the heat for steaming. I am not sure what plastic your curry is cooked in though :p

  10. Sometimes it happens...expensive and not delicious. :(

  11. So sorry to hear the food there is not good. I would be horrified too to see plastic inside the bread layer. Claire, I think you can cook better :D

  12. We have the curry chicken bun here too...and my missus bought - nice but somehow they do not seem to make them anymore. Another place making now, but they use plastic too - so no, thank you. Nothing great, anyway - just cook curry, buy bun kosong and eat...also the same.

  13. That's kinda steep. Don't like it when they use plastic is cooking. Its just as bad when you order "yao choy". I have seen many places especially chicken rice shop tying up the bunch with a rafia string before blanching them in the hot water. Reason for doing so is to ensure that the vegies look nicely arranged:(

  14. i think that they put a plastic bag in the roti curry right?

  15. shirley: thanks..same to you!!

    wendy: wow..emperor? how come i didnt taste that..hmmmm...

    elin: plastic.. geli though esp when it is baked..reminded me of the plastic found in the sausage! :)

    tekkaus: true...

    mary: thanks for the compliment.. hahaha..

    stp: hahaha.. same actually.. hahaha..

    blurkit: oh, lagi geli.. boiling them inside..

    mecoy: yeah..

    simpleperson: lagi geli.. hahaa..


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