Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunny Beaches And Skies

Now that I have reached this “prime life” of 50, I tell myself that I ought to do more travelling each year, be it near or far.  My kids are grown up now, it is time for me to do what I really love.  I remember a friend telling me that we should go and see the word provided that we have these three important points.  One is the time, secondly, the money and thirdly we must be in the best of health.  There should be no “excuses” to refrain us from traveling when we have the Three Points as mentioned above.
Well, I am preparing to go somewhere far this year, with the US visa in hand, I can just take my passport and make some reservations.  LOL.  Easier said than done.  Actually I am still in the midst of making some arrangements,  the flights to suit my time,  the accommodation, the places I am planning to visit and so on.  Hopefully after this US trip, I can be able to visit Europe as well in the following year.  There are so many cheap flights and affordable holidays in this website, something that reminded me of the Mamma Mia movie, sunny beaches and skies just like this cheap bargain holidaysto Benidorm!  After reading their reviews, I already bookmark this as my next trip and hopefully it will be soon.

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  1. well you deserve to enjoy yourself just be safe and enjoy


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