Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tell Me What's Odd In This Picture

Durian season is going to be over... or perhaps it is over now? Not so sure because I dare not buy and eat due to the heat and hot weather these days.  Moreover durian is too nutritious and it releases a lot of heat upon consumption.  One can easily get sick if too much were eaten... when it comes to durian, it is best to eat after a meal, with a full stomach, one will refrain from overeating the king of the fruit.
Taken few weeks before... 
To my own amazement, I noticed that something 
is just not nice in this picture...
What do you think it is?


  1. That is a thorny rambutan....

  2. you are cutting it like cutting an apple?

  3. kathy: no la... see see again...hey, fernie so old meh.. hehee..

    bean: u r absolutely right!

    wenn: cannot find the proper channel to go in la...

  4. should have asked the durian seller to open ready for you, right?

  5. miche: hahaha... close...

    agnes: yeah, that was a tough task for me.. ended up chopping up..

    1. Some durian r like that. very hard to open. next time bring Tupperware as the seller open and can immediate change if the durian rosak.

  6. Let me guess...looks like the knife handle broke???Lol

  7. Of coz not nice lah, kenot see your pretty face! :D

  8. You don't know how to open a durian... Just poke it at the bottom (with a more sturdy knife than that one) ...and it will open up like magic! Oops!!! Hey! I'm talking about the durian lah... LOL!!!

  9. kash: is it? let me check.. hahaha..

    merryn: damsel in distress ma.. very distressing face la!

    stp: gosh..i thought u were talking about something else... lol..

  10. Looks like you are cutting the durian. Should do like what STP says. That is the proper way to open an durian.

  11. Irene, the hole just wouldn't budge.. so eventually got to cut it up like an apple..

  12. kathy: am i that small? :) yeah, i must follow your style...

  13. honestly never tried durian but i think its yummy

  14. Yo! I thought I saw a ghost smiling at you. Look at the plastic bag!!!


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