Friday, August 24, 2012

The WRONG Way To Cut Lemang

I was in my "in-laws" house when I was entrusted to cut up the freshly cooked lemang... first time opening up a still-hot bamboo and using a Big Knife to slice it up...

Ok, briefly about Lemang... Lemang is a traditional Malay dessert made of glutinous rice and coconut nut and and cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo)
 See... this is a bamboo stick...
I was entrusted to cut the lemang ...
When the bamboo is taken away, 
this is how the Lemang looks like... 
LONG and THIN...
 Someone tried to act smart and ended up cutting it this way...
Oh..oh... someone pressed it harder and the poor Lemang became flatter...
And the amateur who did this was ....
Caught in the act...  
Poor Lemang....
They ended up "undressed" and in "odd shapes!"


  1. err...i always thought they cut lemang with a sharp knife like the sushi chef use...LOL

  2. Guess your knife is not sharp enough. If sharp enough, it wll be nicely done.

  3. angelbear: I knew it!! must be the knife..right?

    irene: yes..yes... my knife is too heavy i guess..

  4. You should invest in a knife, Japanese ones are good quality(but expensive) and also get a knife sharpener.

  5. yes, we don't cut with that kind of knife. Use a thinner knife. I love lemang..yummy!

  6. Regardless how it is "undressed", lemang is nice served with satay sauce, kari, rendang..we had some this raya..sedap

  7. looks delicious, Claire!

  8. Maybe the knife should be sharper, but less risks to cut yourself.


  9. thats doesnt matter i think its still taste the same you'll peel it anyway

  10. Ya...use a sharp knife and use a sawing motion instead of pressing down hard on it.

  11. They look ok in the end - no problem at all. Most important thing is, they must taste good.

  12. I thought that is how we cut lemang, no? Oh dear, I was wrong all this while :p

    Never mind, as long as it's edible and tastes good, nom nom nom!

  13. Gosh!! you get to eat lemang....:P
    But poor thing...really bad in cutting but I agreed with most of the long as it's edible and taste good...

  14. Interesting! For a moment, I thought that was bamboo clam. I've not tried lemang before. Hey Reana, my mom just had fillers done on her cheeks. Hope over to Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Restylane Dermal Fillers! to check it out & let me know what you think :) See u there!

  15. I love lemang, this year I didn't get to eat any lemang. My colleague's open house served only nasi himpit, rendang, laksa and cookies. I miss lemang.

  16. Who cares as long as it tastes good!

  17. nice to eat, but the overall preparation part very tedious part.. write challenging


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