Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fisherman's Wharf In San Francisco

I have been told that it is not a trip to San Francisco without a visit to the iconic Pier 39 popularly known as the Fisherman's Wharf!  Not wanting to miss that, we made a trip to the Pier 39 on the second morning after our breakfast and doing some shopping in DB shoes centre.....

We boarded the city bus and we reached the Fisherman's Wharf around 1.30pm.... 
The bus dropped us just opposite the Pier 39....
Nice sunny weather with the cool wind blowing.... 
A picture with a two students...
Japanese and a Korean... cute!
and then it is time to get a taste of Ben & Jerry ice cream...
a MUST try dessert!
I chose Chunky Monkey...as recommended...
The beautiful yachts...
A ferry tour to visit the Alcatraz
Alcaltraz... a prison for the hard core those days... 
something is interesting here... 
A lot of people here... looking out... 
to the Sea Lions all "sunbathing!"
Awesome sight...
next we proceed to the SF souvenirs...
and that was when I noticed that my camera was running out of battery!  
What a waste.... I didn't manage to capture any pictures after this... sigh....


  1. They gives you so much ice cream until it almost overflow from the cup. Nice.I like the photo where the seals are sunbathing. Awesome view.

  2. Ahhhh!!! Very famous place. Seen it on some of the food shows on T&L or AFC.

  3. That's why I bring 2 cameras and 2 extra batteries!

  4. Awesome!!!...the Sea Lions sunbathing. Nice place to visit. What a pity, your camera running out of battery.

  5. Wah trip to San Fransico. I love sea lions sun bathing though.

  6. Loving this place..Claire did u sunbathing like the sea lion too? ehehheheheh

  7. Looks like there are plenty of tourists visiting that place too..

  8. wah .. it brings me back my memories..

  9. I love those sea lions. Really awesome.

  10. Did you try the seafood at Fisherman's Wharf?

  11. I always have spare batteries with me when I travel..nice photos.

  12. Oh, I dint try the food here.. heard the clam chowder is great.. but nope..didnt try cos we had a heavy breakfast and ice cream...

  13. Oh no!! You should have brought extra battery for your camera!!

  14. I want Ben & Jerry ice cream!! : )

  15. that ice cream looks yummy hoho


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