Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fresh Walnuts For Harvesting

In the garden there are a few walnut trees ready for "harvesting." Days when my sister goes to work, my mom and I will get into motion to "crack" them up... a good exercise for both of us, a win-win situation, some goes into our mouths while doing so.... LOL...
Bags of walnuts waiting to be cracked..
the fresh walnuts...
Our passtime when the house is all quiet and serene...
Just look at the tomatoes we picked up in the morning...
More to be picked every other day...
And a few more bags of walnuts to crack...
Baked a Zuchini Walnut cake too!
Check out the recipe one of these days!  :)


  1. wallnuts are best for cakes i love it so much

  2. Oooo...lovely tomatoes. Not really crazy about walnuts. Give me our menglembu groundnuts anytime...or our khai-sing-tao, the pistachios.

  3. mecoy: me too!

    stp: very juicy and nice.. hey, walnuts are good in something... must ask Elin what it is..

    simpleperson: yes! only humans make it complicated,,,

  4. Love the tomatoes. Looks so fresh & juicy.

  5. Walnuts consumption is good for men, if you know what I mean,lol. I always eat walnut cake sold at my local bakery, it's good!

  6. oh...look at those tomatoes...my all time favourite. I love eating it fresh just like that :)

  7. Walnuts are a really great snack. healthy too!

  8. Wow! so many walnuts and tomatoes! you must be excited. hehe.

  9. Kind of love seeing you enjoy yourself so much in the States. Are you back in Malaysia now? Don't forget to bring back the walnuts and tasty food from the States.

  10. Hahatold you do many times like.....good for memory! You no eat that is why you no remember la lol!!!! Bring back some for me ya

  11. what a great harvest..Their soil seem to be very fertile to get such big tomatoes!!

  12. wow, those walnuts look so yummy!

  13. wah so many walnuts to harvest. Those red fresh tomatoes look yummy.

  14. SO good!
    El Pollo Loco = Mr. Crazy Chicken, LOL

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  15. I hope I will remember to bring back lots of walnuts.. now as it is, my bag is very heavy!!


Thank you, readers!

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