Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jack In The Box In Nevada

On the very third day morning in Las Vegas, we set out for a day trip to Hoover Dam in Nevada and Lake Havasu in Arizona.  It was another long drive for us and I want to compliment my BIL for taking over the wheel throughout the long drive... he is really fantastic!

Before we set out, we dropped by at this fast food outlet... Jack In The Box...
Jack In The Box
(but I don't see any box nor Jack... )
I had this for my breakfast.. 
waffle pancake with beef and cheese!!
how many calories??   shhhhh.....
BIL brought us these from the convenience store next door...
Gosh... so so sweet!!!  I couldn't even finish one of them!
After our breakfast and filling up fuel....
it was back on the road again....a long straight stretch of road...
BIL drove endlessly.. he is really good actually...
no complaints of tiredness..
while the rest of us either dozed off 
or eating junk food in the car..
Along the way, he would tell us the "history" and "geography" of each place we pass...
But I think he would be very disappointed in me if he reads this..
Cos I couldn't remember much of what he had said...  LOL...


  1. wow, you have such good BIL which is ever willing to take all of you for a trip together..

  2. It's called Jack in the Box, because originally, there was a toy box with a male puppet (Jack) popping out of the top of the box. This box was displayed on top of the roof next to the sign of the restaurant. Later, the owners decided to take all those boxes down, but keep the name.

    I loooove Krispy Kreme donuts. I wish we had a franchise here on Oahu. There is one on Maui, though.

  3. did you meet up with john wayne there? !

  4. I have seen it a lot in the States not never tried jack in the Box.


  5. I hate Nevada roads... Just straight roads and nothin....
    Feel sleepy...

  6. crispy creams is the best doughnuts ever haha

  7. Pancakes!!! Ooo...I had pancakes very morning for the last three days... Watch out for my post! I did not touch the doughnuts though - not a fan of those.


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