Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Second Meal In Chinatown San Francisco

My second meal in Chinatown is very much cheaper than the first one posted up here, for almost the same amount of the bill, we could order several dishes instead of just two dishes in the previous post!

Well, of course the ambience is very much different from the first shop we went to and the crowd here is definitely the proof for cheaper food in this shop...
we have to wait for a short while to get seated...
the tables were fully occupied...
let's see... what shall we order...
we were quite hungry by then...
we couldn't resist not ordering these.... and compare to the ones we have in Malaysia...
well, their meat is more tender and the skin is less crispier...
Beef tendons.... nicely stewed...
white beancurd cooked with meat and salted fish...
my mom loves this dish cos it is appetizing...
plate of yong chow fried rice...
fried noodles with less oil and garlic and that makes it a bit bland...
and some greens to balance up the meal....
A meal for 7 of us comes to only around $59usd ..
Cheap if you don't convert back to RM though...
But when it comes to TASTE, 
I am missing our local food now!   :))


  1. Hehehe, of course if you convert the money it's expensive and if you do that, you will not enjoy anything there. Regarding Malaysian food choices, that's why I keep saying to home folks that they are lucky to have so much choices and no problem dining at anytime!

  2. Yum! Yum! Food certainly looks yummy. Bean curd cooked with meat and salted fish is a Foochow dish - not my favourite but we do cook that sometimes.

  3. i think there's also a lot of filipino restaurant there in san francisco

  4. you got try those dim sum in SF? there are lot of Hong Kong Sifu that had migrated to SF..

  5. Haha miss Ipoh food leh :p Cheap hor 59usd for 7 person :) Have you try out their western food?

  6. ok.. don't convert it's cheap for 7 ppl... guess in Malaysia, we can't get the food for RM59 anyway...enjoy your holiday..

  7. eh, go san francisco, must try their delicacies there! haha, why try back our local fare?

    wish i could go there in the future too..

  8. Of course, when you are abroad, you can't convert. When are you coming back to Ipoh for the Ipoh food? haha...Enjoy your holidays!

  9. Ok ok I'm missing a lot here... Where are you? Haven't read your previous posts, but from looks of pictures, I'm guessing hong kong? Ok, let me read up... You enjoy!

  10. It's always the case when you are abroad. Never ever convert or you'll end up eating peanuts only. Each time I come back from abroad, I must have NASI LEMAK immediately upon touch down :D

  11. Everything is expensive when we convert the price to ringgit. Just enjoy and have fun!

  12. I am sure you are missing Malaysian food very much right now. You stay happy, Claire.

  13. Nice and tempting food there, but have you start miss the nasi lemak?? haha

  14. Food looks good. Missed Malaysian food, then come back quickly.

  15. Would not want to convert for sure.ahhahaha

  16. 8 dishes for only $59? Average $7.40 per dish. That is very cheap. I think your first meal in Chinatown, the bill might counted wrongly. It might belong to other table.

  17. after the chinese food, try muslim and indian food ,
    then let us know. enjoy yourself.

  18. Wah, u're reminding of my days there! The dishes are making my hungry.

  19. Not bad mah from the food there. Of course not as good as the food here but at least good enough la. SO many people makan there. should be oretty good la


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