Friday, September 14, 2012

Shop Till Drop In Folsom Factory Outlets

The one day shopping in Vacaville Factory Outlet was not satisfying enough, it was so overcrowded on that Labour day public holiday. My sister "consoled" us that we need not to worry because she would be bringing us to another factory outlet nearer to her place but a bit smaller than Vacaville..

True enough, she brought us to another factory outlet in Folsom on a weekday and it was quite deserted.... we had a nice time doing our shopping without the crowd and long queues...
In Folsom Factory outlet....
we took our own sweet time browsing through most of the outlets there...
bought some Lancome products here in this outlet..
so cheap!!
neat and clean atmosphere...
in each outlet we entered, we were greeted by friendly staff..
" are you doing today?"
and I replied.."Great!! Thank you!"
hahaa...really looks deserted, right!
So unlike the one I visited the other day in Vacaville..
A Coach Fan!!
and look what I found.....
Maybe one day you might see one up that says
*big grin*


  1. Wow! you own a shop there? Any discounts for your blogger friends? Hehehe...

  2. My wifey is a coach fans too. Wow, remember to give discount on your shop..haha

  3. inspiredmom: i didnt realize i have branches all over..hahaha...

    andrew: i never been to coach shops in Malaysia.. :)

    yeeling: sure u will come one day too!

  4. It must be a steal to buy Coach, Levis and Guess there.

  5. Yes, the ang moh staff in the shops overseas are all so very friendly, so very helpful...and they do not even mind if you browse and touch and move everything and ask a lot of questions and in the end, you do not buy - not like the sales people here. All act like you owe them a million ringgit one...

  6. You bought anything for me or not? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  7. With the big grin,I know you enjoy your shopping there and make sure the list goes on and on and on, hehehe.

  8. Good deal for your Coach bag huh. :-)

  9. yes, I saw your name Claire in Europe, you bought coach!

  10. Bought a few.. once a lifetime..hahaha

  11. nice shopping is indeed enjoying

  12. Yes, my sister told me that they are sold cheaper in US..with lots of discounts too..

  13. Pretty cool! You've found your shop!! Hahaha! I love factory outlets!

  14. Hey Claire, you owned a shop in US!!! You're such a rich Ahemmm...You can actually show it off. haha... Just blaughing. Oh boy, I bet you had such fabulous time over there.


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