Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The East Meets West

It is 9.53pm here now... the TV is showing the 911 incident and I could still feel the terror while watching the documented show now... May God bless those innocent lives who perished... Bless their souls...

Back to my post for today, I am very blessed to have my mom and my BIL who love to cook with their own different skills altogether....
the vegetables from the garden...
my mom filled them up with fish and meat paste...
steamed yam with dried prawns... 
salted vegetables with meat...
fried beancurd skin with fish paste... 
ABC soup... carrots, tomatoes, potatoes... 
really Best in the whole world.. MY world.. LOL...
My BIL's turn... he has his own special dish too!
He sliced up the eggplant he got from his garden
and mixed with his batter (secret spices)
hey...not bad!  they were very crispy!
The Duo Happy Looking Cooks!


  1. yummy.. guess this must be the yummious meal you have in San Fan ah.. :D

  2. Yummmm!!!! Home-cooled meals are the best! Wahhhh!!! The dishes were huge! Such large servings... Bet everyone ate till they were so very full.

  3. not a fan of egg plants, but it does look good. Yum yum :)

  4. Hahaha...secret spices cannot tell wan ah? LOL! sweet talk him la and come back teach me or better still buy back the secret spices for me :p
    Your mom so happy :)

  5. You are lucky to have your mom cooking Malaysian food for you. Hope you enjoy them to your heart's content.

  6. The best thing is the veges are from your farm...So yummy!

  7. Food, I love!! You are so lucky to have the best of both worlds!

  8. Does the fried egg plants batter taste like our malaysian style goreng pisang? you BIL gave me an idea to goreng egg plants like goreng pisang now :DD

  9. Home cooked food is always the best!

  10. Best food in the world...Home Cooked Food.

    emmmm...yummylicious. Enjoy.

  11. Woah....lucky you!!! you guys really have a good time there!!!

  12. Yes, I got to taste the best of both worlds... thank God for that.. I guess I have put on some kilos... it is definitely worth it! hahahaa..

  13. wow he sure know how to cook just like a chef

  14. Steamed sound to cook this dish?


Thank you, readers!

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