Saturday, October 6, 2012

Railway Pass Hotel For Buffet

On the way out from Las Vegas, we stopped at Railway Pass Casino hotel for our buffet lunch... this time it was my treat... hahahaha... know why?  Cos it was cheap!!  I could only pay for cheap meals... expensive ones were taken care by my other siblings.. hahaha... am I mean!
This is the place we stopped for our buffet lunch...
it only cost $6.99 per pax... very cheap!
it is located at the freeway and opposite the hotel is the desert...
the place looks very nice and clean...
this was my first helping... followed by 2nd 
and the 3rd was as below...
just love the desserts!!
just look at the dripping cranberries!!
how I wish I could have a piece of each now!! 
*drooling at my own pictures*  silly me!


  1. delicious and all that for $6 only? Unbelievable!!! So cheap lah!!!! Here, where can find anything so nice at that price?

  2. Love the desserts and they look very sweet to me.

  3. The pie was loaded with so much cranberry filling. Sweet or not?

  4. stp: i tell u ah.. if u work there, the standard of living is very low la!

    irene: there are many choices.. but my stomach could only took these two.,. sigh...

    pam: it is sweet of course.. but not that super sweet... cannot resist not eating..

  5. wow! that is cheap. how do they make a profit???

  6. The cranberry pie itself is quite expensive here. very juicy and loads of cranberries, looks nice! Cranberry is said to be good for relieving gout.

  7. Only $6.99 for all you can eat? How to make profit? I think for "Ah Mo" is ok, they eat less. Not like us Chinese, quantity always comes first. Hahahaaa

  8. most scrumptious pie ive seen shock for sure it feels like heaven eating that


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