Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rio Suite Hotel & Casino

The MJ live tribute was supposed to start at 8.30pm but we were already there around 7pm... to while away the time, we ended up playing some slot machines... these slot machines are so "different" from the ones we have in Genting Highlands! Being "fresh from the boat", we tried with the 1 cent machine to pass time...
and we ended up winning $21.90!!!
Isn't that fun?  LOL...
Then out of the $21, we continued playing and 
lost a few dollars more before we called it quits!


  1. it's always the then lose..

  2. Haiyar!!! Too bad you did not win. Could have paid for me to go to Ipoh... LOL!!!

  3. wow i think i don't have enough luck in thing like this

  4. Thats why! Something ive learnt from gambling, when u win, walk away haha! Good luck!


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