Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TK Noodles From US And Kampua Noodles From Sibu

The next morning my sister took my mom and I to try out one Chinese food outlet near her place.  She told us that the wan ton noodles here are not bad and even the koay teow (flat noodles) are also as good as in Malaysia..... Having heard that, I looked forward to tasting the noodles and their sidedish... 
Very neat and nice ambience, don't you think so?
TK Noodle shop... reasonable prices
ranging from $5usd onwards...
Looks familiar, right?  Like Penang koay teow t'ng
(flat noodle soup)
This was for me... 
I was missing Malaysian food then.. hahaha...
my sister ordered the mixed noodles with beef...
and my mom had the springy wanton noodles.. 
cooked to perfection...
then my sister told us that we must try their fried yam cake
I guess all the good cooks have migrated overseas.. hahaha...
Coming back to Malaysia, tonight I had
KAMPUA NOODLES for dinner!!
Exported out from Sibu...
and I am sure everyone knows the man who sent ....
My mom put a lot of ingredients... 
No MSG and yeet the soup was really tasty..
and of course, so were the Smooth Kampua Noodles..


  1. Good grief!!! So much ingredient in the kampua noodles. LOL!!!!

    Ok, so which one is nicer? Your answer will determine whether your mum will cook for you anymore or not...and whether you will be getting any more noodles from Sibu. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. gratitude: 100% right! :)

    kathy: maybe got.. havent discover yet... hahaha..

    stp: i better "pass" this question.. high risk of not getting to eat anything if answered wrongly.. hahaha...

  3. You can cook it like this:


    Can use dark/light soy sauce instead of Bovril. A lot simpler. Serve with a few pieces of thinly-sliced char siew...like the kampua in Sibu.

  4. I would love the fried yam cake!

  5. I never cook kampua noodle in soup..so far I also make it dry,the best is to add Bovril for flavoring..it taste great.

  6. I never cook kampua noodle in soup..so far I also make it dry,the best is to add Bovril for flavoring..it taste great.

  7. All noodles with different kind of taste..look yummy to me. Wow..so much ingredients..

  8. My favourite, fried yam cake and your kampua mee, so much ingredients. Yummy!!!...

  9. stp: yes, next my mom will do dry.. she will cook some minced meat and put on top with lots of vegetables. :) now thinking of it also makes me salivate! hahaha...

    stella: me too!!!

    wenn: yes, something different..

    mery: i dont like bovril, i prefer with light and dark sauce plus lots of mince meat.. hahaha..

    chun: yeah, to make the soup sweet..

    irene: all also LIKE, right? :p

  10. I must not come here when I am hungry. Repeat. I must not come here when I am hungry.

  11. bananaz: for a moment, it sounded like it, right? :)

    ling: *hinting to Arthur* lol....

    MG: hahaha... sorry about that!

  12. Yea, the TK noodles look familiar, just like those we see here in Malaysia.

  13. Yes, that is what I like.. miss Malaysian food then..


Thank you, readers!

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