Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Firefly Nearly Gave Me A Scare...

Boarded Firefly at 3pm after half hour delay... supposed to reach Ipoh around 4.30pm... after an hour or so, airplane captain announced we were going to land.. then we experienced some bad turbulence, heavy rain splashing against the window plane, another announcement came...

This time the captain announced that he couldn't land the plane due to poor visibility and wet grounds, he would wait for a few more minutes before final decision.. (meanwhile I felt the plane flew up again... hovering...) I was hoping that the plane could land... but no, after few minutes again, captain announced that we had to adjourn to Penang, much to everyone's disappointment...

By then, I felt nausea and wanted to vomit already... cos of the bad turbulence (and fright?)....Well, Captain knows best, right... he couldn't jeopardize all the passengers' lives...
at Changi Airport before boarding the flight....
Have to bade farewell to my son again...
At Terminal Two... (terminal is not a nice word, huh....)
The Firefly counter...
Temporary destination in Penang... 
refueling before flying again to Ipoh...
we waited at the lounge here...

At around 6pm, we were to embark the plane again, the rain  had stopped in Ipoh, much to everyone's relief... and yes, we finally reached Ipoh ... phew...  The whole journey from Singapore to Ipoh took us more than four hours to reach.... but then, THANK GOD we finally did!  No joke about that...

Well, will I take Firefly again?  
Sure I will... it is not everyday that it couldn't land...
Though it is my first time flying with Firefly,
I certainly hope it won't be the last... hahahaa....


  1. At least you are back on the ground and safe.

  2. kathy: yes..thank God...

    patty: yes.. that is a relief..

  3. thank god, all's fine. welcome back!

  4. Accordingly to a friend this kind of plane is the safest even if there is an engine failure it can still glide and land unlike those turbine engines. How true?

  5. Not every day (or flight) you will get such a situation huh. :D A great experience.

  6. The most important is it arrived and landed safely.

  7. Can't blame the airline nor the pilot - weather is so very bad these days, so terribly stormy at times. This has happened to me so many times...and it can happen even with big aircrafts. When flying, always pray for good weather...and hope for the best.

  8. wenn: yes glad to be home!

    bananaz: dont know how true but it is a consolation to know.. :)

    tekkaus: a situation I dont want to be in again.. hahaha..

    mommymoon: yes, I ditto to that...

    stp: oh, I thought it happens in Ipoh only.. cos of the short runway... bigger planes might have better visibility and longer runways i thought..

  9. scary huh?
    When I am younger I am not so scare.. but now when I am grow older ..
    I feel very scary.. coz think of my wife and my family..
    last time still young and no worries..

  10. I guess I like what STP said,just pray for the good hands of the Almighty to be upon us,let HIM steer us through safety ,,, all the way,, amen,,,

  11. Always pray for good weather and safe journey.

  12. Wow...what an adventure. Thank God you are back home safe and sound :)

  13. at least the captain managed to handle it well. If he can't land, he wouldn't want to take the risk.

    Glad everything went smoothly despite the long hours

  14. sp: yeah..flying scares me but still i want to fly.. what to do.. no fly, no traveling then.. :)

    irene: yes, it is a MUST.. :)

    elin: never give up flying.. hahaha..

    yeeling: yeah, it is for the good sake of passengers.. only that i felt like vomiting going up and down in the sky..

  15. Hi Reana,
    To Bananaz comment, all air craft, whether they have propeller or jet engines will glide and happily land if they suffer one or more engine failures.British airways 747 had all 4 engines fail over Indonesia many years ago and glided many many miles before they are able to restart the failed engines. The most important thing is whether or not there is any suitable place for the air craft to land. To sum it up,all air craft will glide, it's the landing that will determine how successful the emergency was handled.

  16. im so glad to hear that you were safe thanks god

  17. Well done to the captain he did a great job. Glad your journey is safe.

  18. Detour n longer hrs nvm. Most importantly, arrive safely.


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