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I Found A Diamond!

I was near to the ticket counter in New York, New York theme park when one of my earrings' dropped. Perhaps it was too heavy, I guess and I quickly picked it up from the ground. But I couldn't find the small tiny bud that holds the earring, I kept looking on the floor, I even squatted down to look for it.. and what made it difficult to be traced was that the ground and my earring bud were the same colour... greyish!

Now thinking back, I wanted to laugh.. imagine me squatting down on the ground and people walking up and down, lining up at the ticket counter... Reminded me of Mr Bean looking up onto a building and everyone's eyes were up as well, not knowing what to expect.

So there I was, bending down to look for it and the people around me also started to look on the floor... they must be thinking either I am crazy or maybe thinking I dropped my quarter or what... then something shone into my eyes.......... and we found this...........
A diamond stud on the floor... 
No, it doesn't belong to me...
My sister said it might worth thousands of dollars...
since this is found in Las Vegas!  LOL...

So ... to end the story...
I lost the earring bud but found a diamond instead...
Do you think it is real?
Well, we didn't find out till a few days later....


  1. Wahhhh!!!! Hope that's genuine! Any money will come in handy these days... How you lost your earring? What were you doing? Wink! Wink!

  2. have it checked
    haha you're quite lucky dont yah,

  3. Have you checked? Is it real one? If it is real diamond, you sure huat ah!

  4. stp: imagination runs wild again?? hehehe...

    mecoy: checked..but...

    yan: yes, real one sure huat!!

    sp: aiyah.. no prize for u!! hahaha..

  5. Not mine one meh :P

    I went there iny dreams wor

  6. kathy: aiyah! too late liow.. didnt bring back also..

    cyn: no huat la!! hahaha...

    yeeling: can go but have to save up first..


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