Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

Ipoh's only road side stalls is near the old Odeon cinema, it is now popularly known as "Tong Sui Kai." (Desserts Street)  There is a row of stalls selling all types of food and you will tend to order as many as your stomach can fill! No kidding you one.... :)

But the famous ones are the "Sisters' beef noodles and their bouncing beef balls."  The beef soup is fantastic and so different from other beef noodles I have ever taken.  Next to their stall is a wan ton noodles which I like most so far... they put "lard" onto the wanton noodles and it has the homemade taste....

Ok, I let the pictures do the talking... 
the smooth koay teow noodles from the "sisters."
the bouncing beef balls
the beef variety...
another look.....
the wanton noodles...
and the fried wanton is a MUST...
So if you want to try hawkers' food in Ipoh, 
you must come by here...
Tong Sui Kai, 
Off Jalan Sultan Idris Shah


  1. looks good but I don't take beef..

  2. The wanton noodles look a bit different, slightly thicker than usual.

  3. I like these type of koey teow soup. Ipoh is realy having lot of good food.

  4. The beef balls look really bouncy, can be a ping pong ball perhaps :P

  5. Pop one bouncing beef balls into my mouth. I can feel it bouncing and "kiew kiew"

  6. Lol bouncing beef balls remind me of this ridiculous Chinese movie about cooks. When you bite into it, the juice splurts out

  7. Was expecting to see lots of 'tong sui' but instead those out of bound beef balls haha. How how can the beef balls leap from the floor anyone tried that before? lolz.

  8. now thats what i call scrumptious looking foods i think wanton noodles taste the best

  9. U left out Hor Hee and Arp Keok Pao.

  10. Hey!!!! I was the first to comment and it has disappeared again. Humph!!! Malas want to comment again...

  11. i am warning you ah...dont tempt me ah...else i go serang and makan there :p

  12. I like this type of thin hor fun. Gosh! Just had fried wontons for lunch earlier. Yummy!


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