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Method Household Products Giveaway In This Post!

For the past seventeen years, I was like a "queen" in the house but for since last year I have turned into a "slave." Each morning and evening, I have to clean up the porch because my lovely pet doggie dog loves to leave some pee and poo during the night. Other than that, the rest of the housework is a norm for every mother or should I say father as well? :)

Cleaning, mopping, washing are the daily chores and by the end of the day, my hands are drier and coarser, no more smooth hands like before.... I used detergent a lot especially when I washed the porch and after taking my doggie for walks...
Touching and fondling the dog is what we do each day...
And after that, we washed our hands with normal soap or detergent...
After cleaning and mopping the floor, we used to wash our hands with soap too..
oh wrong we were all these while...
Not until I received these pack of beautiful Method hand washes...
They came last week to "rescue" my hands
from getting more rough and tough... oh gosh!

Ever since then I have been using these four gentle and fragrant hand wash and just within a week, I can sense that my hands are not as "stiff" and dry as before.  No doubt I use hand lotions after washing with soap last time but my hands still feel kind of "hard" after washing with normal soap.

Ok, coming back to the Method hand washes, let me introduce briefly about them... from the back clockwise, the greenish bottle is called Method gel hand wash.  It is made of biodegradable ingredients, non toxic that leaves hands clean and soft and one thing great is that they are being made by recyclable bottles... everything recyclable sounds "noble", right?

Next is the red Method foaming hand wash... what I did was by a slight press onto my hands, rubbed a bit and washed it off andI could see the stains from my hands being washed away, leaving a faint scent of a sweet hibiscus flower.

Well, I guess I do not need to talk much about the other two bottles, all are equally gentle to my poor hands.  At last I have found a solution to gentle hand wash after all the washing has been done for the day.

Now ... to share about these gentle hand wash and where to get them, they are now available in all village Grocer and Isetan outlets, some are sold in Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer and Hock Choon outlets...
Last and not least, some freebies announcement!  

You can win a selection of Method household and personal care items worth over RM80 and not only that, you can win them for your friends as well!

Here is what you need to do... very easy only... simple as A,B,C.... 

1)  Just submit a short story about your friend whom you deserve a Method product sent to them as a surprise gift. Just tell why your friend needs to be "rescued" from her household chores such as extremely dirty laundry or children with sensitive skin.  

You can check out to learn about method’s household and personal care products you would like your friend to have.

See, it is that simple only... just a short post in my comment post and there will be 5 winners chosen to receive these beautiful household gifts!

Oh, by the way, this contest is only Open to Residents of Malaysia with a Malaysia delivery address for the sponsor to courier the prize.

 Ok, lets start the ball rolling ....

The contest begins today 4th November 2012 and ends on the ends at 11.59pm on 14th November 2012.


  1., thank you. Good luck to whoever is joining!

  2. that a cool stuff good luck to all who were joining

  3. The shape of the bottle looks cute. Good Luck to you!!!..

  4. My mum dislikes housework but she doesn't mind washing the clothes. After that, she will just use the normal detergent that I used for washing the dishes to wash her hands. If only she has such special Method gel hand wash, I'm sure she would be very happy.

  5. stp: you should enter.. get these products for your wife to use.. gentle hands... less scrubbing.. :)

    wk: imagination.... :)

    mecoy: you can also join and send the gifts to your malaysian friends.. :)

    irene: you can also join in... :)

    wenn: yes, we sure want our hands to be gentle.. :)

  6. This is a very good product. I have used their laundry detergent and the cloth smell heavenly. I hope method would come to my friend, Kuan's, rescue as she have sensitive skin and needs a detergent that does not irritate her skin.

  7. your hands very smooth now?

  8. Woohooo...another contest...Let me think whether I have a story to take part :)

  9. Wahaha Slave... I used many detergent to clean my house too, clorox, dettol just to kill all the germs hehe. Enjoy the Method hand cream to moisture your hands ya.

  10. First time hearing this brand "Methods". I would like to win this because the packaging is very attractive/unique bottles. Actually, I am like a waste collector. I like to collect unique stuff... But seriously, if the product is 100% natural, means I like. Chemical stuff will just ruin our health and even the earth.

  11. Mizzs Ira NadhirahNovember 5, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    I haven't tried any brand from Method before but they do sound interesting to me! I help my mom with the cleaning and washing daily and I do hope that they are gentle enough for my sensitive hands. I would love to have more gentle and softer hands before my wedding. As for the washing of clothing, I hope to surprise my mother with Method's detergent so that our family's workload will be less burdened since both of us are working full time! :)

  12. I haven't tried any brand from Method before but they do sound interesting to me! I help my mom with the cleaning and washing daily and I do hope that they are gentle enough for my sensitive hands. I would love to have more gentle and softer hands before my wedding. As for the washing of clothing, I hope to surprise my mother with Method's detergent so that our family's workload will be less burdened since both of us are working full time! :)

  13. I am so blessed to have a husband who do more of the cleaning job at home. He helps me to sweep and mop the floor, he helps on the laundry, he helps me in cleaning my toilet and windows, he also helps me in changing my mattress and lots more that I can't finish here. My husband is deserved to have a good household and personal care items from Method.

  14. Thanks for the comments.. keep them coming in.. :)

  15. hahha, well, perhaps that person would be my mum. back then when we all were still staying at home, we will be the one helping out the house chores, but now, mum is the only one doing after all started to work. We are not rich enough to hire a maid to help her yet, but temporary this Method household and personal care items would be helpful!

  16. I have a four legged gentle giant living in the house and my hubby have to vacuum and mop the floor twice a day. I think Method household and personal items would be a great help to my hubby. I look forward to receiving Method household and personal items for hubby. He deserves a good household and personal items like Method :)

  17. Oh Claire!!! You just save my pockets burning! You know what, my mum's has got super duper sensitive hands, and she can't touch any 'normal' detergent, or her hands will scale like a snake!! We spent buckets on those 'high class' detergent each month just to avoid her into this kind of situation! Now that you mention is gentle, guess my mum deserve it! On top of that, my 'cannot no wash hand' princess also need that since I don't want her to expose to much on those chemicals!! and got to burn hole in pockets for her too!

    So, please have the good luck on me!!

  18. I'd like to win this for my mother who always complaining having dry sensitive skin after touching with any kinds of detergents... Hopefully, Method can 'rescue' her rough, painful hands!

  19. I’m hoping to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my daughter as her house is filled with wood furniture. She has been looking for a polish that works wonders since some of the products that she has tried tend to leave behind an oily residue and streaks on the furniture. It's also hard to find a polish that smells pleasant and doesn't cause headaches. It would be great if Method comes to her rescue and end her search for the best wood polish.


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