Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pak Sook Koong With Noodles

Pity my poor girl... been eating hostel food all these while except for weekends or when she comes home. That is why whenever she is home, I will try to take her to whatever she wants to eat ... and that includes the frequent Japanese food...they are her favourite....

Other than the sashimi, sushi or whatever "shi" in the Japanese menu, the other protein she likes to take is FISH.. and not just any fish but Steamed Fish...  and this was how I did it last Sunday.... 
I bought a Pak Sok Koong (Ikan Baung) in Canning Garden market..
It was still swimming in the tank...
...but it wasn't when I collected it from the fish monger after 10 min.
Cost only RM15...
Easily charged RM40-50 if taken in restaurants...
then I blanched a plate of greens to go along with the steamed fish...
my girl wanted Korean noodles instead of rice....
and so be it....
Have you ever eaten steamed fish and vegetables 
with a big bowl of noodles?
That's about it...
For this meal of RM20, it is indeed satisfying...
I think I will do this whenever possible...
At least she has some proteins to take back to the hostel..


  1. haha im not really in to fishes haha any chicken dish?

  2. You are a good chef...can cook so well.

  3. So yummy! I have only eaten steamed fish and vegetables with rice, not noodles! : )

  4. home cooked food are the best. I love steamed fish and other fish dishes, they are healthier and delicious.

  5. No, I would eat with rice. Oooo...your fish looks like restaurant standard. So impressive. Drool! Drool!

  6. I like steamed pak sok koong, but I don't see Taiping folks appreciate this dish. Maybe they find the fish quite muddy-smelled.

    RM15 for that huge fish + protien, very worth the price :)

  7. Love this fish very very much especially the essence to go with a big bowl of rice.

  8. mecoy: fish is better than chicken :)

    mery: someone is laughing out there when u said that.. hahaha..

    foong: me too..first time.. :)

    agnes: fish are more expensive too..

    stp: thanks for the compliment.. it seems to be swimming in the big pool.. hahaha..

    sharon: thank you!

    yvonne: i think this type of fish is quite expensive if eat outside.. normally i also dont order..

    yeeling: yes, u r right! not with noodles definitely..


Thank you, readers!

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