Saturday, November 17, 2012

Steamed Scallops In Fishing Village Kuala Sepetang

After the educational about the making of charcoal, we left for our main attraction on the list... yes, it is time to pay some attention to our stomach... by then it was lunch time and we parked our car near the police station before we proceeded to the Tepi Sungai Restaurant...
it was quite crowded by then... 
and no noodles was served on this public holiday... too bad..
see....very crowded, right?
my girl was exceptionally happy on that day...
i wonder why... can you guess?
we ordered everything steamed for our lunch...
but the clams were quite small that day...
never go for seafood on a public holiday actually...
for my girl.. steamed fish!
Fish is her favourite besides Japanese food.. hahaha....
blanched sprouts with fried onions...
ordered this too... steamed scallops!
the scallops looked big here, right?
but actually they were quite small... but still have sweet savoury taste...
For just four dishes, the bill came to RM89 excluding the drinks...
Well, I guess it is quite reasonable..
The only expensive item is the steamed fish.. RM48...
One thing for sure, don't come on a public holiday.... 


  1. Your girl seems to be the happiest. Great food & great company.

  2. I also like scallops but only lightly seared.


  3. KAthy: I send bib to u :)

  4. Looks like an awesome seafood place! The scallops and fish looked the yummiest to me! hehe :D

  5. looks like a lot of people go there for seafood. It's been so long that i've never there. I've never tried steamed scallops like this :)

  6. the steamed scallops look good..

  7. I thought scallop should be the more expensive seafood? :D

  8. I am sure the seafood is very fresh. :D

  9. nice!!! So very expensive here, can't afford to eat! Sobssssss!!!!!

  10. I think food taste better during normal days and less expensive too

  11. Itu lah dia your gorgeous daughter with her sweet smile was giving you a hint that she wanted two plates of lala. hahaha Oh dear for this lunch Bananaz would sure to hit ceiling high with uric acid. Scallops is one of the highest and lalas too will jack up the score.

  12. guess everywhere during the public holiday will be the same crowd... hehehe.. but the food.. NICE!

  13. thats scallops were really presented so appealing but though i just dont that in to much with shell fish

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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