Saturday, December 15, 2012

Clinique And Derma White Reanaclaire

A lovely gift given from my love one, AA...specially bought in Raffles City shopping center, Singapore...
Thank You, AA
by the way, I still wonder how he manage to buy this....
Did he just point to the one that he wanted... (based on the price?)
Or perhaps the saleslady gave him some suggestions?
 Though I am not using this brand, Clinique..
but the items here are what I need....
Let's see... Derma White products..
A soap bar for cleansing...
A foaming cleanser mousse...
Some derma white brightening lotion, moisture cream ...
And a "city block" anti-pollution SPF40...

Well, I am not keeping these aside...
Now whatever I receive, I use....
And in no time, you will see a Dermawhite Reanaclaire!
 (Clinique, you better make a difference!)


  1. aiyoh, with this set of skin care from Clinique, Claire will be even more pretty and looks even more like 25 already!! :p

  2. hahaha... I hope you are right though I doubt that it will never be so.. hahaha..

  3. I used clinique before but now I just use the products by my beautician.

  4. Such a very nice gift!! I am so sad that you will not be putting your tree up. Will none of your children be celebrating with you? Perhaps you have chosen another day, one when they can be there?

  5. haha how i wish there would be someone that can give me those too haha

  6. Derma White Reanaclaire, don't make me can't recognize you after using it, hahaha!!!.... and you are like Arthur always receiving gifts and present. Truly Blessed.

  7. irene: blessed are those who gives and receives.. :)

    mecoy: u want those too? :)

    ginny: yes, wont be putting up this year.. tedious work.. hahaha..

    wenn: actually i use whatever.. rojak .. :)

    merryn: either i turn white or brown.. hahaa..

  8. Nice.. Getting xmas gifts already.. :)

  9. LOL...So I will be expecting to see a brand new Claire..


Thank you, readers!

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