Saturday, December 22, 2012

Colleague's Birthday

Another birthday celebration in the office, right after I met up with Wenn, there was a cake cutting session when I reached the office... not wanting to miss out the "action," and I saw not only one cake but Two!  One is from Secret Recipe and another one cake was home made... and both were equally nice in their own way.
 Happy Birthday wishes to my dear colleague...
Full as I was after a heavy meal with Wenn, I still have enough "space: to try the two cakes!  Well, I did say I am a Dessert Maniac.. didn't I...hehehehe...


  1. Wow, a lot of birthday to attend. EEjoy eating, hehehe. But nevermind, you are still as slim as ever.

  2. Arthur say you are so tiny and very very slim. So, eat! Eat! Hehehe

  3. happy birthday to her,
    i could see the cake from here, it's been a while since i had one

  4. Happy birthday to your colleague...


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