Monday, December 3, 2012

Give Thanks And Humbly I Eat...

The last two days of spending and eating "heavy" meals, I guess it is time for me to slow down once again... I must post up this for my kids to see... hahahaa... the mommy here is tightening up the belt till they come home again....

This evening after work, I bought a loaf of wheatmeal bread and a High5 kaya paste... and ... presto!!  
 MY HUMBLE dinner for tonight..... 
Bread, butter and kaya...
but I don't really like the taste of this butter...
too butterish for me!
Anyway, don't complain so much...
As long as my stomach is full...
Took Four slices of bread with a mug of hot water...
That was my dinner awhile ago....
Bread and Water..
Reminded me of one verse..
That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God....
So..... what's cooking for you tonight?
Anything more fancy than mine?


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! Sending them on a guilt trip, are you? Next post, show them you eating plain porridge with soy sauce! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. Eating bread can make you 'huat aaaaahhhh' by the baking yeast and your face will be more rounder as days go by hahaha.

  3. Nothing fancy. Just need to finish up some kompia brought by my BIL. hahaha!

    I love those butter spread on my kompia. Sometimes I really craving for those simple dinner, like what you are having now.

  4. Aw. But bread and butter with kaya is delicious too !!! In its own humble and simple way . :D

  5. stp: now you remind me.. tomorrow I go take porridge! I love that too!

  6. bananaz: ok, tomorrow i go take porridge!! hmmpt!

  7. rose: i also crave for kompia now! yummy!!

    joanna: that was why I bought bread and kaya this evening.. they are nice .. er..once awhile.. hahaha...

  8. aiyoh, so poor thing!! i thought you are having bread and at least milo or horlicks or coffee.. but just warm water!! you are really tightening your belt huh?? haha~~ :D

  9. Oh my goodness, you are eating jailbird food at Christmastime!!! It does NOT look good, maybe the birds or Labbie would like it.

  10. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! I love Ginny's comment! Merry Christmas, Ginny.

  11. That's quite similar to what some of my colleagues have for lunch sometimes.. bread and peanut butter! Hehe but lately I just don't have the feel for bread. I'm more of a hot food kind of person!

  12. simple but yummy!! =DD i like butter with kaya! =DD

  13. Heh! This is what I usually eat too...for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

    Quite unfortunate lately, been paying off a lot of DBKL summons in one go.

    Well, at least it tastes good. :D

  14. i so love bread all kinds of it but i prefer the typical mayo of butter as spread i mean i enjoy it the most with that

  15. Sometimes I do have bread for dinner too. Simple as that.

  16. sk: cos I am not a coffee or milk lover.. just water lover.. hahaa..

    wenn: yes, but not every day.. :)

    ginny: oh dear, is this jailbird food? to us here, it is part of our healthy meal.. :))

    stp: hahahaa... jailbird food!! I like it too!

    sweetwitch: i bet you are!! but for the past week or so, i havent been touching bread so sometimes i yearn for it..

  17. fish: salad.. hmmm... not really my type of meal.. only in buffets! :)

    huaibin: wow.. what happened? you always double park or what? that is really "heartbreaking." :)

    mecoy: I eat simple most times.. hahaha...

  18. I love toast with kaya & butter, but that is for my breakfast or supper haha. If light dinner I prefer sandwiches keke.

  19. My dinner? Thick-skinned went to my parents' to tumpang makan, hehehe!

    On another day, I'll cook instant noodles.

  20. vicky: very light eater you are then... :)

    kathy: yes, once awhile! :)

    yvonne: eh..that sounds like me too.. hehee.. at times!

  21. Is okay..once in a while you got to let the stomach have a break.

  22. yeeling, yes..must eat simple once awhile.. :)


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