Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lee Chong Wei Lost By Mere Point in BWF Super Series 2012

BWF Superseries Finals 2012 starts today in Shenzhen, China...

The matches began with an upset with our Malaysian players ... Our Datuk Lee Chong Wei and our mixed double player Crashed out  on the 1st round this afternoon. It was an exciting three sets for our our LCW who played against Du Pengyu of China this afternoon... LCW won the first set 21-12, lost in second set 16-21 and excitement rose in the third set, point by point and finally succumbing to Du by a mere 20-22.... I can imagine how frustrated he must have been to lose by a narrow margin,

But on the brighter side, Lee Chong Wei doesn't have to play against Chen Long.. let the two China players battle it out in the finals... (sound like sour grapes, right?) hahaha...

Well, we cannot expect our hero to win all the time, right?  Let's not feel upset.. continue to enjoy the games from other countries.. Denmark just won over India and China!

Tine Baun's triumph look...
Three sets are normally very exhausting..
 At this moment of time, China mixed doubles are playing against Denmark..
Can you guess which team I am cheering for? :)


  1. haiyoh, kalah again and by merely two points?? i guess he always lack the luck huh??

  2. bananaz: this is only the first day...

    sk: yeah.. i guess he is very upset too..

  3. Wish we could get it here on our T.V.!

  4. Already old, already kahwin...can write-off liao lor! Train some new young players...

  5. maybe still recovering from his 'wedding trauma'.. hahaha.. heard this morning he is injured..

  6. ginny: badminton is not so popular in US, I think...

    stp: the problem is, no one is as good as him at this time..

    cyn: injured.. and lack of training. :)

  7. I wish i knew such sports so i could give you a decent comment haha

  8. I think LCW is on the verge of passing his prime.......I seriously don't think he can go any further from here..not that I am doubtful of his it just that in any sports,age will always go against you.

    To be frank I am tired of watching him play already,I want to see other "rising stars" ,,,do we have any?

  9. mecoy: thanks for coming by regularly!!

    eugene: at the moment, we have no Stars in Malaysia.. other than LCW who is still hanging on... yes, age does catch up esp playing against the young and furious!

    vicky: yeah, he pulled out already..


Thank you, readers!

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