Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ladies Night Out To Sam Poh Restaurant, Ipoh

At least once a week, I will have dinner with my lady friends... When they come to pick me, the first question that comes to their mind is "Where and what to eat tonight?" They know I surf a lot online for FOOD in IPOH and most times, I will tell them where the place is and what to order... (Yes, I am a "food explorer" in other words, "Wai Sik meow" in cantonese)

Back to Food Exploring, I heard that this shop Sam Poh Restaurant serves moderately priced dishes and yet tasty too! Being an Ipohian, I know very well that once you hear the words tasty and cheap, ahh haa.... the crowd will definitely be there before you do! 

To avoid the crowd and queue, go as early as you can.  If you can reach the place by 6pm, then you are safe...Heeding that advice, you can be assured of a table and the food served within minutes..

As for me and my friends, the three of us ended up ordering these for our dinner...

Ordered Butter fried crayfish...
their signature beancurd with loofah (sing kwa)
love this dish...
We didn't feel like taking rice that night and ended up with this...
crispy fried noodles with seafood varieties...
Its their signature dish... stewed sea cucumber, mushrooms, fresh scallops and vegetables...
I thought this dish would be expensive...
To our amazement, it is only RM15!  (3 persons)
And the bill for the 3 dishes came to RM36 only!
Well, what do you say?

Sharing is feasting...
Sam Poh Restaurant (no air con)
(diagonally opposite Citrus Cafe)
17, Persiaran Bandar Baru Tambun 16,
Desa Tamun Indah, Ipoh Garden,
016-551 6869


  1. The noodles look really very good!

  2. Only RM36 for all those awesome food. So cheap. Craving for the noodles, hehehe!!!...and a lot of ingredients.

  3. stp: next time I will ask them to put koay teow noodles instead, might be tastier with that.. :)

    irene: i feel that the price is quite reasonable...

  4. food looks great as always but i guess for me that creamy beancurd with loofah stood out the most

  5. i also find that signature noodles very nice!! and that huge plate is only RM15, what a steal~~ and total bill is only RM36, so unbelievable!!

  6. I like your style ...
    have a dinner together with your lady friends.. It is really fun...

  7. mecoy: i like that dish too..

    sk: wanna come IPOH? :)

    sp: yes.. once a week to catch up.. :)

  8. I like this type of noodles, very nice!

    And the price is very reasonable!

  9. I like noodles with lots of liu..yummy!

  10. The fried noodles look the best to me here. Here, people who arrive for dinner before 5:00 P.M. usually get a discount. It is mostly the seniors who do it and it is called the early bird special! Some of the young ones will make fun of how early seniors eat and go to bed.

  11. hayley: yeah i feel it is reasonable too..

    wenn: go and try next time! :)

    ginny: oh, we do not have early bird dinners esp with chinese food.. but the other day i went for japanese buffet, they have a discount for early birds! :)

  12. sharon: OK, let me know when! hehehe..

    mery: Not too bad , i can say..

  13. Wow sharing is feasting huh? I like it! Rofl

  14. chris: see who is free then.. hahaha...

    gratitude: hahaa... i like it too!

  15. The sang mee looks real tasty especially with all my fave ingredients!


Thank you, readers!

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