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My Laptop Has Two Growing Trees

Call me Frugal and Stingy, I think I am indeed one when it comes to changing to a new computer.. My kids have urged me to get a new one and I refused to... The laptop is working fine except for two growing "trees" and I am going to see Doctor Dell to cut them off soon...  hahahaa.... 

In April 2012 I put up a post "My Laptop Is Growing" and it was two narrow lines then...
The two narrow and thin lines in April 2012
and now ...
in January 2013, the two "trees" have grown sideways...
See the difference... before and after?
The Two Trees have bear fruits, I guess...
It has many branches now and might still be widening sideways..
Just like the computer owner... yours truly here...
Maybe too much food posts in my blog has fatten up my laptop as well...
Believe it or not!   LOL....


  1. Omigawd!!! Time to get a new one. Some not very expensive ones need to get canggih one - you don't do much on your lap top. I'm sure...other than blogging and Facebook or maybe skype with your children.

  2. STP, but sayang to leave this one aside.. it is still working fine.. old habits die hard.. hahaha...

  3. hmmm aiyo...maybe can just change the screen?

  4. wait till it covers with more trees, fruits and flowers then change to a new one. After all it is still working, sayang to set it aside. Mean time look around for the new one that you about that??

  5. Should be the display screen retiring. I think still cheaper to change the screen to give it a new lease of life. The PC repair technician should be able to advise on the cause and co$t.

  6. Should be the display screen retiring. I think still cheaper to change the screen to give it a new lease of life. The PC repair technician should be able to advise on the cause and co$t.

  7. kathy: yeah.. my son advised me to do that actually..

    agnes: I also thought of that.. wait till it the trees occupy and block me.. then only i consider.. hahaha..

    bean: andy asked me to consult Dr. Dell and asked how much on the screen.. if too costly, then forget it.. live with the trees till they block more and more.. hahaha..

  8. it might be so hard to use that
    i hope you get youre self a replacement soon

  9. Goodness, I have never seen anything like this!!!!

  10. It is time to get a new one as your New Year gift, Claire.

    By the way, long time didn't see you drop by my blog, Claire.

  11. Is time for the computer to retire. The branches are widening sideways and I hope the owner is not, hahaha!!!...

  12. why don't you consult the technician?

  13. Screen can be changed but its the cost that matters unless you can find second hand screen.

  14. Sorry you better not DIY you need an expert lumberjack to cut down the two trees as you might damage your neighboring softwares haha.

  15. OMG!!! It's spreading like a contagious disease!! Run before it infects u *drama queen*

    HAHAHA.. anyway, dropping by to say RIP laptop! Reana, better do backups before it dies!

  16. get external monitor and plugged it in...


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