Monday, January 14, 2013

Penang Road Not In Our Itinerary Anymore

Second day in Penang...
 Andy left for work before 8am and the rest of us continued to ZZzzzZZ ... by the time we got ready for our first meal, it was nearly noon... the three of us really had a good rest after chatting into the wee hours of the morning...
From B-suite Hotel, we drove to Georgetown... Penang Road..
After a few turns here and there, we reached our destination....
Looks familiar?
Yes, we were in Penang Road... 
we ordered the Cendol Ice from the shop...
while drinking, we realized that some other patrons have cendol in blue bowls...
Anyone knows which is the original?
The blue bowl or the orange bowl?
Anyway, Aaron walloped nearly two bowls of that... :)
The rest of the meal...
No comments....
Even the laksa is different from the last time I had...
Well, I guess we will have to find another non-tourist place next time...
Any suggestions?


  1. Wahpiang, the char koey tiaw portion so tiny weeny....

  2. Bean, you need two or three plates! :)

  3. Had the cendol once, not that great. By the end...only the ice and the gula melaka very sweet. I like the one at New World.

  4. Ya...I agree - this place is over-rated, no need to go there...lots of other places, also nice...maybe even nicer. New World kwayteow also nice, and I love the pasembur - different from elsewhere.


  6. we always enjoy our travels with you.
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  7. I don't makan there one,, too over rated,,I always cari those lubang,, cheap and good one.........I can show you Mee Jawa RM2 big bowl and tastes heavenly...I can show you Laksa RM 2.30 with generous spread of ikan kebung,,,hahahhahahaha,,,,

  8. I only like the cendol from Penang road. Seems like could not find the same taste elsewhere. For laksa, a stall near ayer itam is good.

  9. Our Sarawak laksa is still the best and the kway teow looks good. Slurppppp!!!...

  10. Hmmm...i guess all those dishes are meant for me to eat. So small and

  11. our streets were kinda synonymous ahaha

  12. Everywhere with tourist attraction has the quality deteriorated, sigh~

  13. a lot of those food places in pg had turn into tourist area... sigh ..

  14. haha the one on the right is the original one. ;)

  15. stp: this time I didnt go there.. next time perhaps.. haha..

    cloudia: thanks for coming by..

    wenn: Can find one in IPOH or not?:)

  16. portion looks a bit small wor...good ...coz can eat a variety without feeling too full


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