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Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine In Sungai Dua, Penang

Our 3rd night dinner was taken in Wang Chao in Sungai Dua, along the same row with the Maxim Dim Sum we had in the morning.  This is the second time we have been to this restaurant, it has been more than a year ago since we last came and I remember the food was not bad but the price is not that cheap. :)
 We arrived around 6.30pm or so... and we were the first customers....
 As usual, after ordering our food, 
we "displayed" ourselves in front of the camera.. LOL..
Since we were the earliest, we didn't have to wait long for our food..
In no time, our table was filled with food glorious food...
we ordered crispy butter mantis prawns...
my kids' favourite!
Baby Bok Choy (Lai Bak) with XO sauce...
 Thai Kerabu Chicken...
Crispy Fried Omelet...
 Claypot mushrooms, sea cucumbers and broccoli....
Our favourite food on the table... so blessed... 
Before we started, we gave Thanks with a grateful heart... 
Cost of food?  Around RM90....
In case, you want to come by here...
2-G-2, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, Pekaka Square, 
Sungai Dua, 11700, Gelugor, Pulau Pinang

Restoran Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine


  1. the price is quite reasonable for this meal...

  2. Pg food is cheap but the portion is less

  3. When I was a student, I barely had money to eat there no matter how much I wanted to try the food. I finally took my family there after attending my convocation in USM. I was a bit disappointed with the taste. A little below expectation...

  4. karen: the expensive one is the mushrooms and the sea cucumber, I guess...

    sp: refined in a way.. they dont want us to waste food? :)

    pam: depending on individual taste, I guess.. I heard the chef is different now too..

  5. Wah why all about food one?
    Hungry already la!!

  6. when i meet u again, bring me for a nice hoisum/mushroom cukup...

  7. Quite a lot of new shops being opened after my 'exile' to KL haha. Seldom eat in restaurants while in Penang either at home or hawker stalls.

  8. RM90.00 for this set of dinner is very reasonable. Will check back you posts here if I want to visit Penang in the future. I enjoy food more than sight seeing when come to travelling..

  9. The chicken and the omelet look especially good to me today!

  10. I'd like to try the Thai kerabu chicken, and that's about it. The rest looks so-so...can get anywhere. RM90 for 5? Quite all right, the price. Probably the prawns...and the sea cucumber too.

  11. sui poh ah..7 joh 8 joh make me lau hau sui...i see kerabu mango so nice leh.......seong sik jor

  12. HAyley , Penang for me is makan only! Haha

  13. Bananaz, daytime hawker night time restaurant haha

  14. Agnes, same with me too esp local trips

  15. Ginny hope u can come over one day !

  16. Stp, when going to Penang again? Then perhaps can go and try other dishes.

  17. Kathy, quick quick call wk mAke a trip to pg. take me Ong remember!

  18. The crispy omelette sounds like something I'll like :) YUmmy!

  19. i love onions and chicken so i think that Thai Kerabu Chicken was very very tasty

  20. shirley: I want to learn up too.. make it crispy and nice... :)

    mecoy: Fried stuff for my kids actually.. they like it very much.

  21. Crispy butter mantis prawn is my favorite too...Love it to the max :)

    Price is ok for the food.

  22. I love crispy butter mantis prawns.

  23. andrew: lai liew har fried crispy is very nice..

    vicky: me too..but cannot take it often..

  24. Wahhh...seafood in goodness. I like it although I don't eat hoi sum.

  25. ling: hoi sum means happy.. hahaha.. so must eat!


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