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What A Blunder!

Went to Kinta City to purchase some cinema tickets.  We were going up the escalator when my sister behind me asked... "Hey, how come your skirt has buttons behind?"

I looked down to my skirt and to my sheer horror, I realized I wore my skirt the other way round!!  Oh dear..oh dear.... in a crowded shopping mall???   Those walking behind me must be having fun giggling... they must be wondering.... "Does this lady here purposely wear the other way round or is she really that blur??"

Yes, I am really Blur!!

Quickly I dashed to the nearest restroom.... walked fast fast... super fast.. wishing no one is following.. but hey, it is a weekend.... everywhere seems to be crowded.. oh GOSH!   Don't look... don't look... only when I reached the restroom, I could heave a sigh of relief..... phewww.... 

What an embarrassment! 

That proves how "young" I really am.... sigh.....


  1. Doesn't matter at long as it was buttoned up! LOL!!!

  2. well, sometimes it just happens.. :)

  3. It might be they It's a new trend leh.

  4. Don't worry, people might think new fashion.

  5. Dun worry, there r so many outfits with weird designs n in great demand among d younger generations. Who knows it may become a new fashion soon.

  6. LOL....but I think you should have just left it that way. Who knows, the next thing you know, youwould have created a new hot trend where everyone ways their skirt that way!....haha. Calire, you are just too cute! Great start to the new year....haha

  7. Aiya that's the latest fashion mah dare to be different!

  8. stp: thank goodness for that.. hahaa..

    wenn: in crowded place... hmmm....

    kathy: that was what my sister said..

    irene: my sister tried to console me this way...hahaha..

    pam: hehehe..that is what they said.. but so obvious that it is not..

    mary: that shows how "young" I am now.. hahaha..

    bananaz: i dare not! hahaa..

  9. Funny! Here, some skirts have buttons in the back, and some in the front, so it can be hard to tell. Maybe people thought this was right!

  10. Oops~ this is very embarrassing. But it's still better than you forgot to zip up :p

  11. Don't worry, people will only thought it's a new fashion.

  12. errr, i don't think there's anything wrong with buttons behind on a skirt.. fashion and style mah, especially ladies have that prerogatives to do that, haha!! even pants with zip at the back also, not okay if for a man though, haha!!

  13. It doesn't matter at all......

  14. ginny: mine buttons are at the side.. weird....

    TZ: that also I experienced before.. hahaha..

    agnes: i hope so.. hahaha..

    sk: mine is definitely weird, i tell u.. next time i better take a pic of it.. hahaa..

    mery: yeah.. sometimes we make silly things.. :)

  15. LOL!!

    Nevermind la! People might thought it's a trend ma! ;)

  16. hahaha but oklah wear terbalik not that have any hole or tear.

  17. hayley: yeah..self consolation.. hahaa..

    vicky: true true.. learns a lesson too..

  18. Well, everyone do face situations like this at times. Glad your sister told you before the entire mall shoppers might laugh at you!

  19. lol no one will know le..
    maybe you start a new trend

  20. Hahaha... or you can slowly walk and slowly move your skirt back to the front, kekekeke...


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