Sunday, February 3, 2013

Slipped, Fell And OUCH!!

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall ... Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... "Aiyak!! OUCH!!"

I was mopping the last few steps of the stairs when I suddenly slipped and went sliding down the steps till I sat on the floor.   On impulse, I called out to my God..... Then for several moments, I sat there, not daring to get up straightaway... I felt some pain and it came from my right elbow, it was bleeding a bit then and kind of blue now...
Just now I checked, it was a bit swollen at the edge of my right elbow....
and painful only when I touch... 
I applied some aloe vera ointment and "Ah Poh" oil...  
Now I feel a slight ache on my back...
This is so-called aftermath of a fall..
When I posted up my "elbow" on Facebook, someone called me almost immediately and that definitely helps to take the pain away.  :)


  1. Oucchh!! Must be painful!

    Err I think it's your kids who called you? Hehe.

    Speedy recovery to you~

  2. mr lonely: thank you....

    hayley: yeah.. cannot touch the elbow now...

  3. omg.. why so careless...
    be extra careful next time!!

    get well soon!!

  4. ouch ouch ouch! Take care hope you have a speedy recovery. Too much beer while chillax on Saturday night? haha

  5. careful. Luckily you are fine except the elbow.

  6. yaick claire that hurts
    be careful next time okay?
    good thing you don't had any major injuries or something

  7. Oh dear! I fell like that once at Sunway Lagoon, elbow hit the steps and my upper arm broke into two...and two months, it did not heal and had to go for surgery. Steel plate and screws still inside to this day! Better be careful - old liao...not so agile and bones more brittle. Wait for4the children to come home - they'll do it for you.

  8. I am so sorry, Claire! But glad you were not hurt worse! I hope you will heal fast!

  9. OMG that must hurt badly!! hope you are feeling okay now.. :)

  10. Oh my goodness! CNY is coming and please walk more steady okay. Nanti your hand cannot give out ang pows! That will make many people sad!

  11. How are you doing now? Hope the swell and pain go off before CNY!

  12. Oh dear, that's terribly painful. Take care, Claire. God Bless.

  13. Of dear, it definitely very pain. Hope you get better now.

  14. Oouch.. it must be painful!!! hope you recover soon.. take a good rest..

  15. Oh dear! Thank God it is only the elbow, and not the back or other parts. Backside got pain mou? Honestly it was quite hilarious to read and imagine, but I feel your pain la... Take care...

  16. sigh..we both screams out in pain.

    ONG for CNY kua..ahaahhahah

    Get well soon, Claire. Be careful when you do the spring clean.


Thank you, readers!

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