Friday, March 8, 2013

Camwhoring On Friday Lunch Time

I think I've worked too hard in the office today... so much so my eyes were actually very "teary" and heavy by the time it was lunch... So much work to do... ok, I better not mention about work, it wears me down and now contemplating whether I should go office tomorrow to finish up whatever I can or should I just laze at home, after all, it is weekend!

Back to my day events, I have planned to stay back in the office to doze or rest my weary eyes during lunch time.. but my young and sweet colleague kept "seducing" me with food... "Kenny Rogers?  Starbucks?  or Merrybrown?"  So much so... the temptation of food won over my mind... with one condition... I don't want to drive, I told her... I might fall asleep behind the wheel...!
and so here we are.... 
Kenny Rogers Roasters!
with my sweet colleague....
Just the two of us....
we ordered the mini sized meal.. 
chicken with one side dish plus muffin
For me, this is just nice...
While waiting for the food... we did some "girlie stuff"... ahemmm....
My kids will surely laugh when they see these...
Mama is Camwhoring! 
What a word!  LOL...


  1. cam whoring and food pornography!
    thats is just captivating haha

  2. oh i didn't know they have this mini set, but then errr, not much difference lah hor?? just two sides less only.. hmmm, you also "chicken breast" fans ah??

  3. wow, nice to have someone with you for lunch.

  4. Mini sized lunch just nice for lunch..too heavy will only make one feel sleepy.

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  6. shiok! eat Kenny Rogers chicken! I never ate for very long!

  7. I have never heard of the Kenny Rogers place, but of course have heard his songs and seen him on T.V. Did they play his songs? Claire, I just read about working on the computer for long periods and why your eyes hurt. Seems when we do computer, we don't blink as much and our eyes dry out. Try and blink and use moisturizing drops.

  8. Wah!!! You put on weight a bit kah? Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Camwhoring? This is the skill that every blogger must learn! Hehehe~

    I didn't know they come up with mini version :)
    Actually I would prefer if the chicken size is smaller, I can't finish a quarter.

  10. Really looks different from your usual self x'pecially the last 2 pix. Hope you are getting enough rest during the weekend.

  11. Your colleague is indeed a sweet lady.

    camwhoring is the best thing to do to kill time, haha xD

  12. Kenny my favo food esp the muffin.

  13. I used to like Kenny Rogers but now some of their ayam outlets have poor QC in their cooking. Bluek! The muffins I still like!


Thank you, readers!

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