Saturday, March 2, 2013

Curry Noodles In Taste Good Restaurant In Ipoh

Yearning for a curry bowl of noodles.... 
like this one here....
Finally it arrived!!
But unfortunately it was not for me.... huhuhu....
Yeah, not for me but for this cute guy here.... 
I couldn't take spicy food as yet.. but this fella here certainly could!!
"Yee-Yee, you can just drool.... OK?"  he said....
Well, I couldn't resist, I took a tablespoon and tried the curry soup....
just once...
and I gave a WOW... 
Not too bad... hey...
It was in this shop here.... 
if not mistaken, it is called Taste Good Restaurant...
I ordered the "Tang Yuen" dessert...
When it came out, I was kind of astonished..
I asked the waitress.. "how come only half bowl?"
She just smiled and left...   :)

Taste Good Restaurant
23-23A, Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said
Greentown, 30450 Ipoh
Tel :05-2532211


  1. This one look much nicer than what I had this afternoon

  2. How come you cannot makan spicy food? :p

  3. that one was curry noodles?? looked like CHILI noodles to me, haha!! errr, only half a bowl of "tang yuan"?? i think still got lots of balls inside just maybe the soup was less??

  4. kathy: this one i tasted a tablespoon.. ok curry taste..

    tekkaus: have to refrain from spicy and sourish wor..

    stp: he is a super spicy food eater!

    sk: hahaha...curry sure got lots of red otherwise it is not curry.. yeah, the tong yuen balls is ok but the soup was really very very less for a price of RM4.90 or 5.90... if RM2.50 then acceptable la..

  5. Spank!!!Spank, if you take that bowl of curry mee. Very red and spicy looking curry mee. Your nephew is so cute, knowing that you cannot take and ask you to drool.

  6. Eat that famous curry mee near MGS. I guess much better.

  7. hmmm that curry noodles seem pretty tasty i guess evry sip of it has a distinct kick haha
    the desert were quite interesting too

  8. Super yummy...I love those spicy food.


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