Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Does Your Laptop Has A Toe?

Well, I thought only my right leg was swollen... little did I know that my laptop is also stricken with a "swell" too.... sigh...
Did you see something amiss here?
I only notice it just two days ago....
A small "toe" appeared out of nowhere....
right on top of the two "trees" 
There it is...
What does it look like?
Does it look like a bud?
No, come to think of it...
It looks like my toe la!
Oh dear, I guess it is time to change... 
Not sure I should get a laptop or an iPad...
Which do you prefer?


  1. haha isnt hard to read blog with that?

  2. Wild Boar say time to change, it is called dead pixel. ;)

  3. mecoy: yes.. certain angle very hard to read.. hahaha...

    elin: yeah.. time to change screen.. hahaha.. cheaper like that..

  4. either your monitor or your display card got problem lah.. time to change.. laptop or iPad?? it depends how heavily you will work on that gadget.. if heavy then laptop is better, if more for leisure then iPad lor..

  5. Never seen that before..

    Erm if for me, I'd choose laptop lo!

  6. Oh I also think it's time to change. Get a laptop, maybe a Macbook Pro : )

  7. Oh dear! Get you son to buy you a new one for Easter. Hehehehehe!!!! iPad? You have a pc for blogging and stuff, right? Then it's up to you. Maybe a Samsung Note II?

  8. Oh, looks weird. Time for your laptop to retire. Laptop or ipad? It depends on ones' taste. To me, both are equally good.

  9. sk: i need for my blogging at night.. then need it for leisure too when i couldnt sleep.. :)

    hayley: if can buy both, shiok hor..

    foong: wahh..mac is very expensive.. for silai like me, a cheap one will do.. hahaha..

    stp: i have a desktop only.. samsung? nola.. too small... cannot see clearly.. :)

    irene: yeah, i was mentioning how nice to get both.. :)

  10. But IPad more for leisure use only wor.

  11. ai ya ah jib ko pay you so much now to update yourself wth IPad Iphone, IPay, IPencen and last last IPengsan like me. Hope your leg ok and we go makan again.

  12. I will say I like the Ipad... lesser weight.. hahaha..

  13. I still prefer DESKTOP! Haha...

  14. Tree for toe and toe for tree..;). hehe

  15. Hmmm...if it's for blogging purpose, buy the laptop...maybe ultrabook could be a solution for you. The iPad does not have a very good app for blogging.


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