Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our KFC Tuesday Snack Plates

Today is Tuesday and my colleague made a "pssstt" language to me before lunch time, reminding me of our appointment today with KFC! Why today? Because she told me that every Tuesday KFC is giving 25% off for every snack plate...
Actually I don't really fancy KFC... not like those years when I was young-er..
The chicken nowadays are so different from the earlier years when KFC comes to Malaysia...
Those days the KFC chickens were much tastier... 
That time no spicy chicken yet...
Even the original flavour were so "yup mei" (tasty!)
I remember "crunching" on the chicken backbones then...
But nowadays I leave them intact....
Today we ordered the promotion snack plate...25% off...
but without any drinks....
my colleague ordered the above for RM21.05
"So worth it!" she said....
This meal was good enough for 3 of us..
Why three?
Cos the remains of the meal went to "house watcher."


  1. i also have not been to KFC for more than a year already since their "kungfu incident", hahaha.. well well well, how much cheaper if we add on the drinks and compare the price with their combo set??

  2. rachel: hahaha...

    sk: i dont know.. i ask for warm water only.. the other drink belonged to my friend.. guess it comes back to the same? maybe few cents cheaper? :)

  3. well, I don't actually fancy kfc but I don't mind its burger.

  4. I also don't fancy KFC but will eat it once in a blue moon haha! Sometimes the discount tempted me, but I have managed not to give in so far LOL!

  5. Labbie will be eating well, we love KFC!!!! And we eat there too much. Now Claire, they have a sandwich here at KFC it is really good and you must try it. It has boneless chicken breast,melted cheese, and bacon, also special sauce.

  6. Not really into deep fried stuff BUT will crave for it once in awhile. I think our local franchise "sugar bun" taste better.

  7. I stopped going or buying ever since my missus bought some home and the meat tasted like jelly - so geli! I don't go to such places and here, if I do, I'd go to our own - Sugar Bun.

  8. Haha!! KFC...hmm...doesn't worth the money lor. Anyway once a while going there is still good :)

  9. wenn: I think the fast food are not so nice as before..

    foong: cos there are so many other choices.. hehehe..

  10. ginny: when i was in SF, i didnt see any KFC there ..only McD the common one around..

    irene: all too fast already.. ingredients not enough.. :)

  11. stp: oh..no sugar bun over here.. i think u have posted it before, right?

    billy: hahaha.. i guess many of us do not go there much anymore.. health conscious.. :)

  12. Me too I dun really fancy KFC. But if I take I'll go for original one too.

  13. hahaha...i have forgotten KFC 50% off one Tues for second snack plate

  14. since i love chicken,
    i also love kfc a lot!

  15. Eh got such deal? Dint aware also..

    Its been a long time since I last ate KFC~

  16. Of so many mashed potatoes that I ever tried before, KFC will only i like it so far! The gravy n moist mash potatoes!

  17. Oh, I'd KFC at Penang airport & was surprised that it's more expensive than S'pore! How can the people afford there??

  18. I do agree, chicken of KFC and even in other food chains like Jollibee in the Philippines and Mc Donoalds in Thailand is very much different. Probably because these are GMO's. Too bad huh! I really like the native chickens more.
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