Friday, March 22, 2013

Safety on Deck: Things to Consider

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a beach holiday in the Balearics or sailing on a cruise ship through the Caribbean Sea, your personal safety is always going to be of paramount importance.  While the crime rate may be lower than perusing the busy streets of a thriving capital city, you can never be too sure and, as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
Your personal safety is always going to be one of the main things you should consider when booking your holiday. Whether you’re aboard the Adventure of the Seas or strolling through a Turkish bazaar, as long as you have a bit of common sense and keep your wits about you, you can’t really go far wrong. 

Use your Safe
Anything you don’t need during your trip – passports, tickets, wads of cash – pop it all into the safe in your cabin and leave it there. It’s far safer doing this, than carrying it about on your person. Imagine if you left your bag somewhere on board and it wasn’t handed in? You could lose it all. 

Don’t Take Valuables
Do you really need that expensive watch or that platinum necklace during your cruise holiday? They may be pretty and something to flaunt, but they’re best kept at home without the risk of loss.

Be Careful
While the crime rate may be low, it’s always possible to be a victim of pickpocketing, especially when you’re off the ship and exploring the ports of call. Keep your belongings close when walking around town and avoid veering away from the recommended routes. 

Report Suspect Behaviour
If anything disagreements should occur in your vicinity, mention it to a member of staff. Don’t try and diffuse situations yourself – it’s just not worth getting involved. 

With plenty of amazing bargain cruise deals available nowadays, you can bag an incredible cruise holiday within a fantastic budget. Stay safe and enjoy a superb sojourn on the ocean.

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