Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Images Of Old Town, Ipoh

From where I stood, I took some pictures around me... 
Never before I notice these buildings properly though I pass them by almost daily...
What captivated my eyes was this building...
For many years, it was an "eyesore" 
but recently, it was beautifully maintained...
It looks so classic now...
Hope they will make this as a Heritage Building...
Along Sultan Yussuf....
another one of those Colonial buildings...
wonder why they put up the leaves as "curtains"...
from the inside...
from the exterior.....
and what is this?  
yes.. in the 1960s...Monroe's time....
You will not miss this when you go through the alley....
at the side of Burps & Giggles....


  1. Nice and historical buildings. HSBC is just behind it. Hopefully it will nicely maintained forever. I like the way they plant the leaves, to shed away the sunlight I guess.

  2. so what's that building exactly?? haha.. been to Ipoh once (and just once) and i remember a white building opposite the train station, it looks majestic..

  3. Lovely buildings from Ipoh. Hope they will be maintained for many generations to come!

  4. Love the historical buildings in Ipoh, thanks for sharing.

  5. well the buildings were indeed pretty
    and the wall paintings were hilariously cool

  6. I like those colonial buildings. Not many left in KK already. Ipoh is a nice place to be..

  7. I haven't been to B & G yet..

  8. Ipoh share some similarities with Penang...... Looks nice!

  9. Nice pic. I've only been to Ipoh twice in my entire life I think..

  10. Claire, really WONDERFUL that you are taking us on a tour of where you live, I have wished for this!!!! The building is wonderful!!! And I love the colors in the row of houses, also the leaf wall. And the paintings, so much here to love!!! It is true that we never pay any attention to things we have grown up with. Makes me think of Jesus, his family thought he was crazy and he was not appreciated in his hometown.

  11. Looks like a nice city, love the murals.


  12. Wow... nice art, Claire... especially the Marilyn Monroe's one! I like it!

  13. irene: oh, you got a point there! no wonder...

    sk: the one opposite the train station is the city hall... as for this, i need to dig out some information.. sometimes i read and then it vanishes from my mind.. hahaha...

  14. andrew: yes, old town has more historical buildings, i suppose..

    babysumo: anytime! :)

    mecoy: yeah, i agree..

  15. agnes: i think they should gazette these buildings..

    wenn: me first time the other day...

    shirley: yes, food too! :)

  16. Nice, very very nice. Must preserve all these - our heritage.

  17. merryn: never mind, u r still young.. still got chance to come more often.. :)

    ginny: yes, if i could, i would take more pictures of my hometown...

    filip: me too!!

  18. Old town in really beautiful, hope they keep it forever.

  19. cleff: yes, first time i saw it in real even though it has been posted up by others !:)

    sharon: agreed!

    kristen: yeah, I hope so too..

    mery: historical..

  20. Old town always have their beautiful stories to tell.

  21. Love the historical buildings in Ipoh.Thanks for sharing.



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