Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sweating For Food In Gunong Rapat

I had another bout of "sauna" again this weekend, this "sweating endlessly" is not done under the appointment of a beautician... but perspiring under the Ipoh sun in Gunong Rapat again! See, nothing stops me... but I think this is it! Two times consecutively within a week is enough... not encouraged to take so often, right?  (especially for age group people like me here.....)
this time I wanted to try their "steamed sotong"
and it was presented like this.... the "kangkong" was perfectly made.. soft and nice..
how to resist not taking?
Ok, for this time only.... 
Another not to missed is the fried stuff that the lady made.....
For these plates, it cost RM11....
See what I meant by "sauna?"
No fan... just a canvas roof topping..
see the crowd?  
most of them order to take away...
how to stand the hot sun in the afternoon?
but for the sake of food, my patience was tested..
and they finally arrived after 15 minutes or so....
I prefer to eat it there and then...
The taste is more "original" this way.  :)
But I can't wait to finish the food and
get back to the cooling air in the car.... 
pheww...enough is enough...


  1. That's my favorite! I'm concern more on the yau yu. Is that fresh??

  2. No way will I queue for anything, never mind how good...thank you very much.

  3. My favourite. Worth the sweating, hehehe!!!...

  4. june: very fresh.. wish it is a healthy food but it is not.. :)

    stp: chat around first to pass time.. sitting down ok.. i cannot stand for long too...

    irene: can lose calories, right?

  5. Notty Claire! Wei....dont eat so much these stuffs ah...not fully well yet... later fall sick susah

  6. I didn't knew there is this place called gunung rapat despite being in Kampar for 3 years already until I read this post.

  7. kathy: now u made me scared and worried.. ok.. cut down, cut down, i must!

    anne: from your place coming to ipoh, just after simpang pulai is gunong rapat on the right..

  8. I wont sweat for food, no matter how good they are? Coz I'll feel very uncomfortable and then wont appreciate the goodness in the food :(

  9. I still can tahan the warmness but not my kids and hubby. Most probably I will have to tapau under such a hot weather..but still better than raining right? the food look delicious to me though!

  10. Sounds kind of miserable! 15 minute wait is not too bad, one evening we waited over an hour for our food!!!

  11. Sotong kangkung!!!

    I was so much in love with this dish, didn't have it for ages because I heard the sotong is bleached in 'something'?

  12. Not a fan of sotong kangkung but I can see the sotong is very huge.

    Need to get a fan la, Claire. I also cannot stand the heat

  13. you were there for lunch yesterday?? hey, i was in Ipoh over the weekend and was in Gunung Rapat to get some "heong peng" yesterday afternoon too~~


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