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Dundee Nando For Lunch

While we took pictures of Dundee University, we were on Skype at the same time with my brother! See how great technology is these days!  We chatted and at the same time, showed him the place where we were going... really, it was so was like we were strolling along together even though we were thousands of miles apart... :)  From the Dundee University, we strolled along to town...  More "happening" there... Cannot see sunny skies in Scotland much... as long as it does not rain, it is considered fine weather... though to me, it is always freezing cold!   Come, let's go!   Walking towards the city centre..   Steeple Church... It was noon and soon our stomach started to growl and we went to this outlet...  NANDO!!   Something familiar at least... I mean the food!   Nando with alcohol served....   Before the food....  My SIL still on SKYPE!  Get the sauces ready first... By then I was really hung

Old Memories In Dundee University, Scotland

Saturday, 4th day in Aberdeen... Aaron has finished his two weeks course in his company and it is time for us to start "touring" other parts of Scotland... we have a week to go round other parts of the cities besides Aberdeen and the first one to start off is Dundee, an hour and half from where we were staying... I have been to Dundee before but that was almost thirty years ago!  I couldn't remember much of it at all actually... but I guess there is nothing much  Upon reaching Dundee, the clock tower "greeted" us ...   It was super cold as usual....   Walking along the street, we managed to find what we were looking for...  Dundee University!   This university holds some sweet memories...   My brother graduated from this Uni in the 1980s...   Division of Engineering....    We took these campus pictures to bring back old memories...   Main entrance... Chaplaincy Centre...   In front of the administration office...

Things to do in Playa de las Americas

If you like your beach holidays lively, drenched in sunshine and full of character, the coastal resort of Playa de las Americas in south Tenerife will no doubt be right up your street Just like the resort itself, attractions in Playa de las Americas are usually big, bold and buzzing. Thanks to its location on the breezy south coast, the resort is well geared up for watersports, and you'll find plenty of opportunities for surfing, jet-skiing, windsurfing and the like. Schools like K-16 Surf provide lessons for all abilities as well as equipment hire, or for something a bit more leisurely, you can join a boat trip. There are all sorts of boat excursions, from low-key glass bottom boat tours and dolphin or whale-watching trips, to ferries that take you to the neighbouring islands. And for those who aren't here for the sightseeing, you'll find plenty of booze cruises from Playa de las Americas too - the perfect warm-up for the resort's legendary nightlife. For som

Evening In Aberdeen Esplanade

Aaron came to Mary's house to fetch me back to the hotel... it was almost evening when we got ready for our dinner.  But before we had our dinner, Aaron took us to the Esplanade, one and only one in Aberdeen, something like a theme park where they have restaurants and some shopping malls... AA on wheels... (manual)  Freezing cold... I can tell you... I was all "wrapped up" like "bah chang" .. hahahaa... See??     It was even colder to walk along the beach... I wonder how he can "withstand" the cold.. but then of course, he is so much younger.. :)      Along the wharf... Walk faster...!!  We didn't walk down to the beach... Too cold... Quickly put up my signature sign before my fingers get frozen.... Wishing my hairy member is here too...   One for the album before we left for our buffet dinner at Jimmy C. Restaurant... I didn't take any pictures of the food... Only thing I can say

Top Five Things to Remember to Prevent a Ruined Wedding

Maureen Parnell, ( How to Have a Wonderful Wedding ) says there is only one hard-and-fast rule about your wedding: Your wedding is YOUR wedding! As you plan for your Big Day, of course you will consider the feelings and concerns for family and friends, but what you want and how you feel is the priority, because it's all about you. Here are some tips to help you plan and create a memorable wedding day. 1. Create a Wedding Notebook Most wedding couples keep a sectioned notebook with a master list and then, a breakdown of to-do tasks. Here's your list for Section 1: Set the date Determine the place and time Contact friends and relatives who have to travel to discuss the date. Don't set a date without making sure Grandma in Scranton will be able to attend! Designate roles and contact those friends and family to see if they accept and are available for the day. Arrange the honeymoon and set aside your travel necessities (tick

My Bonding Time With Mary

On the second morning in Aberdeen, Mary came to fetch me again from the hotel and this time, she took me back to her house. The day before I told her that I was quite exhausted and need time to recover from my "jet lag" Mary was so understanding, she told me that she has prepared something special for me... something "chinese-sey!"  Oooohhh... I really couldn't resist that!  LOL I am a bad traveler... I miss chinese food all time time... or should I say Asian food?  I yearn for all sorts.. anything Malaysian, I am IN!  Back to my Friday activity, the first thing we stepped into the house, Mary made me a Big Nice Healthy Drink... well, if you Know Mary, she is really into Good Healthy Food meals and drinks, just look into her blog and you will understand what I mean... What most of us don't know is that Mary is a very Fast Worker!  Gosh.. you should see her cook!  I thought I am fast... but she is Super Fast!  LOL... Mary and her guitar.

Different kinds of espresso all over the world

As you can see, I am quite the world traveler! I have been all over the world, and one of my favorite things to do, is to drink coffee and espresso, wherever I can. I am amazed at the many varieties that I have found. There’s nothing better than exploring the world, bright-eyed and alert, so a nice little “pick-me-up” shot of espresso, does no harm! Cuba : also known as “café cubano” is a prominent cultural and social activity in Cuba, Miami, Palm Beach and even the Keys. This is a special kind that is made by adding demerara sugar tothe container, where the espresso will drip. Apparently, this kind is compared to Vietnamese regular coffee. Because of this special sugar, it results in a creamy, light brown paste. Generally, café cubano is much sweeter than most espresso. America : As we all know, the United States of America is the worlds mecca of cultures. One thing I have noticed during travels, is the large amounts of different kinds of espresso based drinks. We all know and lo

I Tasted Glenfiddich

After our breakfast in Dobbies, Mary proceeded with her "expert" driving, going through the countryside narrow roads to our destination Glenifidirk. Along the way, we were exposed to the beautiful and serenity of the green pastures filled with chubby sheeps, hairy cows and horses...   love watching the cute and chubby sheeps.... reaching Glenfiddich where whisky is made... then we joined the "Free Tour" briefing on how whisky is made.. Glenfiddich means ‘Valley of the Deer' The Making Of Whisky took around half hour... Very interesting and educational, esp for whisky lovers!   and then we were led to a nice resting area where we can have a taste on the finest whisky in the whole world... We were given 3 types of whisky to drink... 12 years, 15 years and 18 years of whisky..   Cheers!!