Friday, April 12, 2013

North Indian Curry Lunch In Pakeeza Restaurant, Ipoh

Yesterday it was an Aussie lunch... this afternoon I was blessed with a "North Indian Cuisine" lunch in Pakeeza here in Ipoh.  I haven't been there since my colleagues gave me a farewell lunch in 2003 when I was transferred to another department.

Come to think of it... that clearly shows that I haven't been to Pakeeza Restaurant for the past ten years and when I came here today, it was also a Treat by my colleague, Elin!  Both of us craved from something different other than rice, noodles and western food... so this idea of taking Indian food was readily agreed by both of us simultaneously!
Here I am... 
getting comfortable and ready to "savour" the North Indian cuisine...
Within minutes all these were served on our table... 
we ordered Almond Naan
4 pieces of mini sized oil-less Puri... 
that goes very well with this thick vegetable curry...
I ordered this tomato puree chicken... 
Very nice cos it was not spicy!  :)
and the best is the eggplant.... 
the thick gravy is "indescribable" 
Elin and I really had a good time enjoying the curry cuisine...
She drank her hot coffee while I slurp on my thick Mango Lassi ...
and the total came to RM34!
What a wonderful lunch!
Thank you Elin for the Hot Treat!  :)


  1. Not a great fan of Indian food but once awhile will crave for it. Tomato puree chicken looks sedap. What is next?

  2. I haven't been there for a long time too. My school had annual dinner there once/twice.

  3. irene: tomorrow I better eat porridge! :)

    wenn: most events are held there bec of the ambience i think..

  4. wow, looks good and very appetising!! i love the combination of naan with curry, and the puri looks cute i have not tried that before..

  5. perhaps i should skip reading your blog till morning haha
    it's just that you always have me craving in the middle of the night haha

  6. RM34 for all that? worth it lar Claire. I would lvoe to try the naan and curry. Delicious.

  7. This is Elin of the bakery, right? We have a lot of Indian places around here, but I have never eaten any...

  8. Ooooo...I love Indian!!! Anytime over Japanese, Korean, Italian...even Chinese!

  9. The curry tempts me... keke...

    Opp with suituapui, i loves Japanese over Indian foods, kaka....

  10. I like to eat north Indian food. The price is very affordable. If only I live in Ipoh.


Thank you, readers!

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