Friday, April 5, 2013

Zakka Loft In IPOH

Zara Loft.... it reminds me of a character in a fiction book I read before.... it also reminded me of a high end shop in a shopping mall.... Zara... Zara... definitely not here in IPOH but in Klang valley.  Ok, what am I babbling about?

Last weekend when my girl was back for the weekend, she told me about this Zara Loft that serves desserts, snacks and drinks... newly opened and sort of hidden in a corner next to a boutique.  She knows I am a dessert maniac and she knows I will surely go to find out what's in store....

And it was there when I realized that I was wrong.... it is Zakka Loft... not Zara Loft... (my ears need digging, my girl said)   well.... *shrug*
Zakka Loft.... 
When we entered, we saw these displays on the left and right.... 
Most of them are handmade handicrafts...
I think the stuff are for sale.... maybe certain stuff...
of course, that excludes the tables and chairs... hahahaa...
Actually our stomachs were still very "filled-up"
Out of curiosity, we just wanted to seek this place out....
we shared some herbal jelly...
we ordered ice lemon tea and hawthorn
I like the Hawthorn... very thick and nice...
most of the cakes shown in the menu was sold out...
except for this carrot cake...
Not too bad...after "micro-waving" it for some seconds....
 I don't like to eat them hard and cold..
No 2, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

I would like to drop by to Zakka Loft once again, this time I will go earlier to "catch" the goodies before they are sold out.  Nice place to have a tete-a-tete in a homely atmosphere.....


  1. Haiz, no more cakes? Tsk Tsk visit Zakka another time k. Show us more photos. That herbal jelly look refreshing during hot days right?

  2. The carrot cake looks just like the kind we have here! I love the little shop, would like to buy that white cabinet hanging on the wall!

  3. Love the herbal jelly. Normally I would buy the powder and make myself. Good and refreshing x'pecially for hot day.

  4. Interesting looking place. Carrot cake looks pretty good.

  5. herbal jelly with ice? that's cool!

  6. I like the atmosphere there as well. Feels so comfortable. :D

  7. angeline: yeah..we went there quite late actually..

    ginny: I wonder if that is for sale :)

    irene: easy to make?

    stp: yes if it is fresh and nice.. a bit warm is even nicer..

    wenn: yes, All In Cafe also has this..

  8. I can't figure out what is the piece of thing underneath the ice and above the herbal jelly in the herbal jelly bowl in your photo. What is it?

  9. Tell Ling this...she sure keen to try

  10. mun: they are ice cubes... :)

    kathy: she also a dessert maniac? :)

  11. Thanks for your reply. :) Haha, that cube of ice cube looks like a piece of chewed chewing gum.

  12. those it seems cluttered i love those stuffs especially those bears

  13. mun: chewing gum? hahaha... they sure get stuck somewhere then...

    mecoy: yeah..nice deco!

  14. Passed by this place twice when I was back in Ipoh but haven't tried it yet!

  15. Ooo..i love this place. I would love to check out the handmade goodies!


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