Saturday, May 4, 2013

Best Of All

I really regretted not getting a Samsonite suitcase when I was in US last year.  They are so cheap over there compared to our place here. No wonder my brother told me to buy them with "my eyes closed"... their prices are definitely cheaper!  But I didn't heed his advice then.  However all is not lost, my sister will be coming back from US soon, I already told her to get me a Red Samsonite suitcase, I love the sharp red!  Perhaps I better ask her to get a samsonite briefcase as well, my son might need it for his business trips every now and then. :)

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  1. many times we are reluctant to get more things when we travel.. only when we came back, we regretted for not getting more of this and that, or regretting for having bought this and that.. haha!! human~~ :D


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