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My Merdeka Lunch In TangShiFu

I spent my Merdeka lunch in the biggest mall in IPOH... yes, it is called AEON Station 18!  It was so crowded, the car parks were practically FULL and I had to park my car at the very top floor under the hot sun.  Made a mistake, one should go to the malls around 10am or so instead of lunch hour like what I did...

The food outlets were also full... wanted to try Canton-I, it was full... Dragon-I also same.. seems the "I" are popular in the mall.  Eventually I ended up in TaangShiFu restaurant which has plenty of tables... a nice ambience... no queue... no waiting long for the food... that's what I like...
 Very "Chinese-sy" deco....
The service was great... smiling ladies...
Appetizer was served the minute I sat down....
I ordered Mi Sua with tasted not too bad...
with a strong aroma of ginseng in the soup....
Hope they will notice the chipped bowl...
To accompany the Mi-Sua, this small pottery came along...
Mixed varieties consisting of fish maw, chicken, dried scallops, seas cucumber...  etc... 
A little bit of this and that.... 
Bill came to around RM60+- with drinks... 

This is not a review.. actually I was slightly disappointed with the presentation...
I remember this dish was nicely arranged when I went there last time...
But the taste was the same... not too bad cos I love this dish perhaps? :)
I told the lady staff what I felt.... she was very pleasant...
Hope they will improve on the presentation for the above dishes :)


  1. Wow, that's very expensive, the appetizer looks sad either. Totally agree with you, shouldn't go to malls during public holiday unless you feel like getting stuck in the middle of the road LOL!

  2. Not into herbal stuff very much, don't mind eating...but would not go on purpose.

  3. Wow, so expensive. What is that served as appetizer? Can't figure out. You should have dropped the chipped bowl like what STP taught, hehehe.

  4. Tang Shi Fu is quite expensive! I don't like the food there - been there a couple of times, but they have soups.

    I don't know how they can expand to so many places!

    Coz basically a lot of their menu items is soup and if you don't like soup... :)

  5. I had soup for dinner today..
    the misua looks good. I must cook this style one day.

  6. Ken: the appetizer was not bad... Guava with kum quat.. I think...haha

    Stp: home cooked is best!

  7. Irene: dropped it? Then i got o pay la... Haha

    Hb: i like to go there actually.. Maybe more for elderly people like me... Lol

  8. Weekend: not too bad....

    Wenn: the sitiawan mi sua is nice...

  9. everywhere sure packed with people during holidays huh?? i've been to this Tang Shifu, and likewise you said, zero presentation and the taste also nothing to shout about.. but one thing i complained was that things are quite pricey there..

  10. I've eaten once at one of this outlet in KL. Not too bad the taste.

    Good that you gave feedback to them about their food.

  11. sk: I think the malls food outlets have to be pricey .. cost of the rental...

    mun: yes, the taste not too bad.. I told the staff yes...

  12. All those dishes doesn't look very fancy to me. Expensive too. no wonder no people leh from your photo?

  13. Anyway, we must always try new things. Whether is bad or good, we can always judge later and not returning for the second time. Hehehe

  14. That is ginger or mango jeruk? I bet the mi suah not as good as sibubones that stp bring us makan

  15. angeline: Few tables were occupied because it was quite a big area... but I dont mind going again.. :)

    kathy: it is guava jeruk... I like the sitiawan mi sua.. got mei toe..

  16. I went to eat at this place once. My friend treated us and the food was very good! Was I hungry??

  17. TM: The food is not bad actually...

    sharon: singapore also has a branch?


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