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My Qualms On Retirement 2014

I have been seriously thinking about retiring next year. I have even informed many of my colleagues and friends that this is what I am going to do early next year. Once I submit my optional retirement documents, there will be no turning back... but of course, I haven't submit as yet. I have plans to submit in January and retire in August or so..... but then....

After the budget announcement, I am having qualms of my intention.  First question, can I survive with comfort with just half of my current pay?  Petrol has risen, then sugar and one thing will lead to another...

I love Food... I love traveling... if I retire, will I be able to enjoy what I am doing now?   I think I have to tighten my belt a bit and fly less...

Out of 10 persons I asked, not even one of them encouraged me to give up working for good!  Oh, wait a minute, not true... the only ones that encouraged me to retire are actually my own Kids!!   But once I tell them that they should give me a fraction of their salary, I wnder whether they will change their mind?  hahahahaa.....
Will I have the luxury to devour in these temptations anytime after I retire for good??


  1. Well if your kids have grown up and working, why not? :D

  2. Nope dont retire...unless you hv grand child to care for or alternative work. Else you'll b bored mad.

  3. There are pro and cons to early retirement. Stress or bored with your daily work?

  4. ken: thanks! One up!

    kathy: oh.. one down!

    irene: like.. I am lazy of working already...

  5. i don't think you need to really retire unless you are prepared for it.. maybe just get a simpler and more relax job, else i guess you will have too much time to spare - you won't just eat and travel all the time right?? guess, still there is something you'd like to do, do something you like part time perhaps?? :)

  6. Sk: that is what I was told.. Retiring from a job will bore me in no time...

  7. I think you have plenty of interesting things to do once you have retired such as learning to play more songs on your guitar, be more involved in your church activities and etc. If you have calculated your financial position and find that it is feasible to retire then by all means do so. You have worked long and hard for many years. You deserve to relax now.

  8. Sure your kids want you to retire and relax.
    But if you are still capable, I'd suggest you to continue working too! Can kill time, and earn more, so that you can enjoy more when you grow older ;)

  9. You'll survive. Your salary (with all the recent increments) is a whole lot more than mine so your pension will be more too, and then there's your gratuity, your EPF (I was surprised my 10-year pre-pension scheme contribution became sooooo much) - don't spend those. I know people will quickly renovate their houses, buy new cars...go travelling and spend it all before the year is out. Save and the little interest you get from those and whatever savings you have is a welcome extra spending money.

    I can get on pretty well (and remember my pension is a lot less than what you will get), no need to scrimp and save, just be a bit careful in one's spending, spend on needs and not wants...and I do not need to ask my girl for anything, I'm fine. Let her save what she earns for her own future. Who knows what things will be like when she retires...

  10. P.S.:
    You wouldn't get bored, don't believe them when they say that. I'm enjoying every minute of my retirement - money isn't everything. You can go and spend more time on your church work...spend more time with your mum, she'd love that...relax, enjoy being a lady of leisure - you've earned it...after working so hard all your life and doing such a great job raising your wonderful kids!!!

  11. mun: yes, I need to weigh a bit more seriously now... I have a hundred and one things to do.. like taking up piano too! :p wonder if my fingers will allow me to do that..

    hayley: I am already older now.. retirement age though not 60.. hahaha...

  12. stp: thanks for the thumbs up! yes, spend within means and still can have some time to enjoy the pennies.. no, I dont have epf anymore.. withdrew that while in service for a CAR, yes! Cos that time really need the cash for down payment.. you are the first person who said retiring wont be boring.. hahaha.. I like that.. now motivates me to put up fast...

  13. Since your kids have grown up, the burden is not there, maybe considering working part time, and using the reminding time to do what you like.... At least you have income...

  14. If you have good plans to keep you occupy during the retirement, why not just relax a bit...and Ipoh is also a good place to retire ma.. my mum has been saying she want to move to Ipoh too...

  15. well, if I were you..I wouldn't retire yet. Just go to work and you have weekends to rest. Not like me, work full time.

    Unless one has health problem, then I would encourage him/her to go for retirement.

  16. We are still "young" why want to retire... I would choose a less hectic schedule/job otherwise could easily be bore at home.

  17. sharon: dont know what part time to do la...

    cyn: yes, Ipoh is good for retirees.. everything slow pace one.. hahaa..

  18. wenn: aiyoh..cannot wait till unhealthy la.. no time to enjoy.. hahaha..

    Elaine: you talking about me or you being young??? hahaha...

  19. I would say dont retire. I look at my parents now and living on their savings..really hurts.

  20. Rachel: you are still young and enterprising... I am sure you will be alright ...

  21. You cannot wait for me? ...together la we retire...few more months only ma..haih...kawan baik oi...oink oink...please la together we retire...submit in together :p

  22. I always believe that each person's destiny is different. You are still so young with a teenager's heart but your heart is calling you to retire quick!! I myself hope to be able to work till over 60 years old!! If I stop working, I might age faster and develop dementia!

    I believe you have seen and gone through much more than us. You deserve a rest soon and you really have very loving kids that kept you going. I salute your family.

  23. Elin: Ok, next year!!! oink!

    TM: yes, i do feel very tired at times..


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