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Taste Of International Food Festival In Victoria Market

Too many stalls to choose from, really this looks like an International Food Festival to me!  Imagine having all these food stalls every Wednesday evening in Victoria Market, if given an opportunity, it would take me many weeks to partake all the food here. How about Spain food? Southern Indian food... I guess we could skip these since we have lots of Indian food in Malaysia... France.... Polish Dumplings... Looks like our "shanghai dumplings"... Sorry, no pictures of the dumplings... I forgot what this is but it certainly reminds me of our own local Satay! Now what is this?  Sorry... I couldn't recall.... Must be something milky and cheesy.... ahaaa... I found Malaysian food stall here... but no, we didn't buy any... Now where is this from..... Choosing the food may be difficult, finding a place to sit is more difficult! That is a real problem.....  So what's next?? "What to eat...where to sit?"

Online Travel Guides and Resources

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Wednesday Night Market In Victoria Market

On the way back from the aquarium, we passed by a pastry shop and bought a nice carrot cake for Aaron...Though not exactly his birthday date yet, we celebrated it a bit early and made it special a bit this year... singing Birthday Song in Melbourne instead of Malaysia or Singapore.. LOL... Michel's Patisserie Says.... Heavenly Goodness Inside...  Wow.. what an attractive phrase.... It's your Birthday, Son... Using the timer on the camera, we managed to snap a family shot.... Soon it was dinner and since it was Wednesday evening, Victoria Market is very "happening!" We were astonished by the crowd... relaxing on the streets and chilling out, so I was told... Entertainment too... Sort of a Night Market performance... to us Malaysians, it is "Pasar Malam" Just look at the crowd....! I was wondering whether we could get any food or not..... Oh yes, Wednesday Night Market.... they sell all sorts of food.... We joine

Highly Recommended Sea Life Aquarium, Melbourne

For the three days tour we joined, we were entitled to choose one attraction in the city and were given free passes to the one we chose. My kids decided to choose the Sealife Aquarium which was within walking distance from our apartment. The walking distance took us to Southgate, a half hour walk from our place. Here we are just opposite Southgate and just outside the Sealife Aquarium It was a long walk that day... coming by here to relax before goingin....  After getting our free passes, we loitered inside... and all of us were given an opportunity to touch these... Star Fish... aka Patrick in Spongebob!  LOL... I didn't touch it, (geli) but my kids certainly di... But I am not scared of this though.... Crocs is branded!  LOL... My son had my courage... ahemmm.... just screamed and then quickly go away.... LOL... The amazing stingray...just looming above us with a smile on its face... back? Beautiful creations.... But the main a

Melbourne City Walk

After our three days of guided tour, we had another two days to relax before flying back from Melbourne to our home sweet home. Aaron suggested touring the Melbourne city again and our main transport is our two walking sticks, ie. OUR LEGS! This way we could be able to see more and taste more as well... LOL... Taken in the morning and we were on the way to an Asian supermarket to buy some stuff... We were told that Victoria Market closes every Wednesday but reopens during the evening.... We had Korean noodles with lots of vegetables for our simple lunch... Anything Asian is "yummylicious" to me then!! After our simple lunch, we set out... our walk took us to another side of the city... One of the Big Five companies in Malaysia... KPMG While we walked, we snapped... My son was also busy with his own camera... It was a cooling walk.... Along the high end shopping street... Forgot the building names though... Taking a rest... my