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Oh.. oh... I missed the flight to the Lion City!
I was supposed to fly yesterday from Ipoh to Singapore at 4.50pm...
But I am still in Ipoh today... 
Because one of the reasons might be this..... 
Yes, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is in IPOH!
How could I miss this Big Sale??
I joined in the crowd this afternoon.... 
Parking was not a problem... 
As soon as I arrived, there was one car coming out...
How blessed!

After reading so much about the Happenings in Facebook,
I was contemplating whether to go or not to go...
And the decision to come was finally made 
Singapore trip was hence cancelled... 
Believe it or not... hahahahaa...
Exaggerating here.... 
I spent quite some time here... 
Looking at the crowd... browsing through the books... 
Indeed they are very cheap... very irresistible..
But queuing up to pay is a problem...
They told me that it almost took an hour to pay....
Thank goodness I saw her....
She was queuing up...
And that gave me time for more "browsing!"
My minimized loot!
Really refraining from buying lots...
Well, BBW... I am finally Here!


  1. You didn't catch the flight? What airline? Any refund? Any charge for rescheduling? I know MAS, RM100 per passenger per sector.

  2. :O the books you bought ended up very expensive! (includes the air tix)

  3. Wahhhh cancelling a trip to borong books. You're as bad as Meow. lol

  4. Alamak, how can you forget. Is it your first time? So tix just burnt off or can reschedul?

    1. Burnt off, Irene.. I really didn't go Singapore..

  5. I saw you had Enrich no. column. Wah, so gaya fly with MAS? :-)

  6. Ohhhh, i am sulking in a corner, sobsssss u didnt come...

  7. Drama queen... I thought you got some airport incident story to tell...
    I rarely visit book fairs nowadays, I do most of my books shopping online (eBooks)..

  8. I must be daft. I don't understand this post. All I know is you bought some books at bbws and you didnot go to Singapore. Actually why did you burn the ticket?

    1. For some other reasons, Mun....

    2. Other reasons that cannot be revealed here? :)

    3. Thanks for being so "zing mook" hahaha...

  9. You actually cancelled a flight just to go to a sale? Salute you, Claire! I thought I'm the one with a Blackbelt in Shopping. Lol!

    1. Hahaaaa...i exaggerated, Shirley... But I did burn the ticket fir some otherr reasons...

  10. This book sale must be really huge! How often does it come? We have something like this! It Comes a few times a year. It is called "Blue Ridge Valley Book Sale". Now let's see what you got!

  11. Wah.. This time very near me, might plan a trip there, hehe!

  12. Yeah, we want to know why you burn the ticket :p and I thought you not going to BBWS ...hahaha

  13. When I see the title, sounds like Meow.. hehe.. Wow glad you manage to grab those goodies and your loot looks good..

    1. My loot cos me around rm100 .... One book cost around rm8...

  14. I have never been to BBW sale. I love books and will probably need to hire a lorry to cart away my purchases hah..hah...

    1. Yes, that is why some don't want to go... renting a lorry is expensive.. hahahaa...


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