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Emerald Bay Up North Lake Tahoe

ANOTHER ONE MORE STOP AT EMERALD BAY ON THE WAY UP NORTH...  There was one point where both lakes were visible on each side.... there isn't any barricades whatsoever on the sides..... the driver got to be REALLY good.... One wrong turn on the steering wheel, it will be "Sayonara" there and then....... hahaha...  

I should have taken a picture of the dangerous turning but at that moment of time, I dare not think of anything else except *please... fast fast pass through* ...

Nearly... and I said again.. 
It nearly took my breath away...
Just too beautiful not to take any pictures..... with my usual V... 
A candid shot... behind our back...
 I zoomed up a bit.. and there was one little island with a castle on it...
This is Emerald Bay...
Different color shots... 
I wouldn't want to lose them so I gotta post them here...
Around the vicinity...
Fir trees are everywhere.... 
And one Thumbs up for the driver before we left Emerald Bay....


  1. No barricades between the two lakes? Wah, I wish I can see that wor.. Wah, all your pictures in this post macam postcards, I like.. Love those fir trees..

  2. The views are so nice, like my old time puzzle view...those 1000, 5000 pieces...

  3. This place is so beautiful, really breath-taking!

  4. So beautiful!! Words are hard to describe the natural beauty!

  5. Indeed a beautiful & breath taking place. I felt scared when you mentioned...." One wrong turn of the steering wheel, it will be "sayonara".

  6. Angmohs love to drive one, and they see distance differently compared to us, what we think is far he probably thinks is near. I'm sure he wouldn't feel too inconvenient to be your driver :D

  7. Lovely view, love those conifers, with the mountains and the lake!! Nice!

  8. WOW!!! It is really beautiful. I would cry if my house has such a marvelous view.
    Now this place reminds me of Mount Jiuhua in Anhui China where the mountain view
    showed some waters below. Your photos are more beautiful for sure. Enjoy!!!


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