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Pumpkin Curry Chicken And Rundle Mall Piggies

DIM SUM IN CHINATOWN FOR BREAKFAST and Pumpkin Curry Chicken for our dinner!  First time I heard of cooking pumpkin in curry paste.. not only it is more healthy, it also enhances the gravy to a thicker level without using any santan or milk... that is definitely a healthy replacement for the creamy gravy, right?
My SIL is a very good cook.. 
Most of the meals were prepared by her during our Adelaide stay....
 There it goes!
Noodles with Pumpkin Chicken Curry...
Very easy actually... just steam the pumpkin and cook it till it is smooth and soft.... 
Then add it to the curry paste and the rest of the recipe is the same as any curry... 
Easy, right?
The next morning we did a Rundel Walk again.....
In front of the Old Parliament....
On the way to Rundle Mall...
It was quite cold on our fifth day in Adelaide...
Endless shops.... 
Myer Centre... 
I remember we just went in to look see only...
Too "heavy" to buy any of them...
Just touch and look see is good enough, right, girl??
Resting my weary feet... I guess...
Safer to look around the flowers here instead....
Beautiful yellow.... orchids...
Love everything here!
Including these cute life-sized pigs also known as "A Day Out"...
There are four pigs, each have a name and they are depicted in lively poses
as if they were walking the street, greeting shoppers and sniffing out a bargain! :)
Including these cute piggies!
He is called Oliver......
And this is called Horatio....
Very cute Oliver here... 

And so this is Rundle Mall... again.. on our fifth day....


  1. Do your SIL conduct cooking classes since she's a good cook...

    1. She conducts classes for me only.. hahaha.. just kidding!

  2. Hope to try out this pumpkin curry soon. I wouldn't mind not going into the shops to look see because the plants, flowers and cute piggies will keep me occupied.

    1. Looking and Seeing is what I normally do.. hahaha..

  3. Never heard or eat pumpkin curry. Looks good. The flowers so beautiful and the piggies are cute.

    1. I will try and cook it for my kids one day.. :)

  4. Love the holiday shots, Claire! Wonder how pumpkin curry tastes like. Certainly a healthy choice! xoxo

    1. I love pumpkin on anything.. curry is a good choice too!

  5. Did you get yourself some fresh fruits Claire?

  6. I love those adorable pigs! And the last picture of YOU! The flower picture you are guessing is tulips are Calla Lilies. I want to walk through this mall with you! I would treat you to a purchase and we would stop and eat.

    1. I would love to do that with you too, Ginny! Hope one day we could!

  7. Very interesting curry dish, maybe I also wana follow.. Just steam and mash the pumpkin hor.. Wah curry pumpkin with noodles, hou sik!

  8. Curry pumpkin sounds so delicious! The piggies are so cute!


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