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A Foodie Trip From Ipoh To Chemor

YAY!!! TODAY IS THE DAY!! Through "watsapp", we the three retirees finally met up  this morning at 10.30am... I was all ready to be "picked up" by my ex-colleagues and we were looking forward to a day of Food!  The Foodie Trio!! We started off with a Duck Project and the place is called Old Friends Restaurant.  It is located on the main road leading to Chemor town.  The Duck project had been put off many times before due to our busyness and this morning we finally made it to that place....    Though we reached there around 11.30am, the ducks were nearly all "booked"... There were only two left for sale, we overheard.... This is the first time I get to taste this... No wonder they get sold out fast... the meat was really tender and "yup mei!" Don't need any sweet sauce to go with them at all... Thumbs up for the food! After our scrumptious lunch, we continued on with our foodie trip to a small town, Chemor...

My Visit To The Grand Canyon, Arizona

I WAS ASKED ME WHETHER I VISITED GRAND CANYON when I was in Las Vegas... yes, I definitely did this time round.  During our one week stay in Las Vegas, we went for a day trip all the way to Grand Canyon, it was a four hours drive... no joke about that.   We started off early and passed through beautiful greens along the way.... Endless pine trees on both sides of the roads leading up to Grand Canyon... After four hours drive, we reached the entrance of Grand Canyon Nation Park.... It was very hot..... or should I say... supremely Hot!  We had to put on lots of suntan lotion and wear our hats....  One can never miss this circle on the way in and out...   We walked up to the Grand Canyon.... And we stood there.... mesmerized...  It was indeed awesome! Too bad my pictures did not do much credit to the beauty.... The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the state of Arizona.... It is so natural.... And we stood ther

Super Supper Desserts In Ipoh

EVER SINCE I CAME BACK FROM THE LAND OF APLENTY ,  I have been "burning coconuts" for many a nights!  How not to gain weight?  I think I would be slimmer staying in a western world than an asian country... hahahaha ... I have so much choices over here and food was also abundant even at odd times of the night. In the western world, I don't go out at night to eat as I do over here now in Ipoh.  Shops close as early as 6pm or latest by 8pm.  No supper after that unless homemade food.  But normally I stop eating as early as 6pm and the whole night would be spend watching TV... there are endless movies that I could watch in the comfort of my room...  Alas!  It is different when I am back now.... Food Temptation is really Great and I ended up taking supper after supper.... what shall I do.... Last night I went for these .....  Glutinous rice so flavourful in Jack Fah shop in town...  I finished the whole plate by myself!   Couldn't resist these too.... And d

Restaurant Traits

There are a seemingly endless amount of restaurants of there, serving every style of food you can imagine. While the food at these restaurants will vary greatly, so will the quality of service you receive and the environment you are dining in. There are many important elements that make up a memorable dining experience. Very few restaurants manage to get all of these elements right, such as the establishments owned by celebrity chef Tim Love. So how do you know which restaurants to have a romantic dinner at, and which ones to avoid? Here are just a few of the traits you should look for in a restaurant. 1. Quality of the food This is number one on the list for a very obvious reason. The whole reason you are going to a restaurant in the first place is to get something to eat. If the food is not up to your standards, then the entire experience will be a complete waste of time. You may want to impress a date by taking this person out to dinner. If the food is not very good, your romant

Ipoh Desserts And Black Thorn

MY FRIENDS AND I HAD LUNCH AT LOKE WOOI KEE COFFEESHOP..... I didn't take any pictures then cos I was too engrossed in the peanuts pancake.... and after our lunch, we just crossed the road to the opposite side to try the desserts at the Tai Soo No. 1.  It is located at the side of a corner shop, just a small corner with three of four tables along the five foot way. Since my friend had never tried their desserts before, we ended up ordering some funny additions to the authentic Tau Foo Far (beancurd dessert) Tau Foo Far with Red Beans.... Tau Foo Far with Cendol... Well, how was the taste for the above two? If you ask me, I rather stick to the original... that is... no additions to the beancurd dessert.. Eat it just the way it is supposed to be.... it is not meant to be added anything else... The varieties are only meant for the Ice Kacang...  See what I mean?  The ingredients are meant to be for this...  hahahaha... Anyway, at least we got to experience so